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Verdejo Wines

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Verdejo is a white grape from Spain also called as Botón de Gallo Blanco, Gouveio, Verdeja, Verdeja Blanca, Verdejo Blanco, Verdelho or Verdello depending on where it is cultivated.

It is thought to have originated in Rueda (Valladolid), when Mozarabic groups took it from northern Africa in the eleventh century. It is also grown in parts of Avila, Segovia, the Canary Islands and other Spanish regions. Outside Spain it is planted in Australia and Portugal.

The clusters are quite small, with small to medium, spherical or elliptical yellow grapes. It is generally consumed as a varietal wine. It is aromatic, full-bodied. acid and bitter.

Traditionally, wine alcohol is added for pudding wines, but nowadays there is also a tendency to drink it young. The resulting wines have specks of gold, complex scents and fruity flavours.

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