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Graciano Wines

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Graciano is a variety which originated from Navarra and La Rioja, also known as Cagnulari, Monastrell, Parraleta, or even the French or Australian Mourvèdre or Mataró, the Portuguese Tinta do Padre Antonio and an infinite number of other names which vary according to the place of cultivation. In California it is called Xères. It is a strain that is characteristic of warm and dry climates, which sprouts and is harvested late, and which has small grapes that are round, thick-skinned, blue-black in colour and whose pulp is colourless. It is extremely resistant to diseases and pests. Graciano contains harsh tannins, which is why it is hardly consumed as varietal wine. It forms part of the Rioja DOC wines and produces wines that are red in colour and high in acidity, with good aging, in barrels or bottles, which is why it is used mainly in blends.

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