Did you join the Jedi masters in 1977 or enter the order of the Padawans in 1999? 38 years have already passed since 'A New Hope' came to the cinemas and star wars fans are as happy as a lark with the premiere of the latest episode, 'The Force Awakens'. Well, now the time has arrived, when you have to choose the wine side of the force: Do you prefer white or red wine? Support the light or the dark side. Decide you must!

White or red wines. What side are you on?

  • Luke Skywalker

    Luke Skywalker is a rather innocent young boy that has to save the galaxy. But although he's naive and innocent, he's not afraid to swing the axe. And be it in the form of a light sword just like a true and honourable Jedi knight or with a glass of this Young Ax 2013.

    Young Ax 2013
  • VS.
  • Darth Vader

    The Black Shiraz Metal Label

    Darth Vader, the dark lord on his quest for vengeance, reveals his maybe darkest secret by saying, 'No. I am your father.' His black soul is best represented by The Black Shiraz Metal Label. A sharp and spicy Shiraz from Australia with a metallic label on the bottle.

  • Finn

    Finn is one of the saga's new heroes. We don't know much about him. Only, that he's a young, brave soldier, a maverick, illuminated and with the touch of heroism. But Finn's also a little bit crazy, which is why this Crazy Tropez Blanc will fit perfectly.

    Crazy Tropez Blanc
  • VS.
  • Kylo Ren

    Middle of Everywhere

    Kylo Ren might be Luke's son and therefore, Darth Vader's grandchild. In J.J.Abrams words, Kylo isn't a classic villain, but "somebody more complex". In the language of wine, we could say that this lost boy is right in the Middle of Everywhere like this delicious red wine.

  • Rey

    Rey enters the stage along the lines of Be Wild Only. Her character sure reminds us of Han Solo, might he be her father? Rey is a lonesome fighter that seems a little lost sometimes. But wilderness runs through her veins like it runs in this good wine.

    Be Wild Only
  • VS.
  • Captain Phasma

    Brutal 2013

    Captain Phasma is a villain, who plays an important role in the saga today and in its future, commanding the First Order's legion of troopers. Star Wars fans would describe her as a ruthless warrior. So which better wine to complement her rough personality than this Brutal 2013.

  • Yoda

    Yoda is to the Jedi Order, what Pierre Dom Pérignon is to champagne. The Grand Jedi proves wisdom, strength and, despite his age, playfulness. Dom Pérignon 2006 perfectly represents Master Yoda with his agility and capability to withstand and prevail over the dark force.

    Dom Pérignon 2006
  • VS.
  • The Emperor

    Velvet Devil 2013

    The Emperor is an intelligent, manipulative, hypocritical personality. As a dangerous demon, he knows how to make people do what he wants, and reminds us of this Velvet Devil 2013. This red wine dominates the art of seduction on the palate up to perfection.

  • Princess Leia

    Princess Leia is a brave, independent and passionate woman, a true heroine. She knows when to be soft and gentle, but she can also show her claws. That's why a wine like Wild Paw Chardonnay best fits her untamed personality, that everybody - even Han Solo - fell in love with.

    Wild Paw Chardonnay
  • VS.
  • Jabba the Hutt

    Arrogant Frog

    Jabba the Hutt, whose name of Croatian origin means 'frog', dominates the world of crime like no other. He loves good parties and beautiful women like a true mafia Godfather. That's why this wine called Arrogant Frog 2013 is the best representation of this reptile-like alien.

  • Han Solo

    Han Solo has this brutal charm, no shame and a lot of adventure spirit. These virtues perfectly translate into this Sexy Wit, which makes Princess Leia's knees tremble. Just like Han Solo, this wine shows self-confidence, a bit of arrogance and lots of pride in its cheeky name.

    Sexy Wit
  • VS.
  • Boba Fett

    Hunters Pinot Noir 2013

    Boba Fett is the best bounty hunter the galaxy has ever seen and works for Darth Vader. He shares this charismatic aura of mystery and danger, fascinating the audience with his dangerous ways. There is no better wine for Boba Fett than this opaque Hunter's Pinot Noir 2013.