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Toki Suntory


Toki Suntory

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Technical sheet

Category:Whisky (Spirits)
Producer: Suntory
Volume: 70cl
Alcohol Vol.: 43%
Country: Japan
Type Of Whisky: Blended
Suntory produces the Toki Suntory (£31.95), a Blended from Japan showing an alcohol content of 43%.

Description of Toki Suntory

Toki Suntory

TASTING NOTES:-Vision: it is light golden color.-Nariz: its aroma is deeply rooted, with blend of vanilla, green grapes and honey. With citrus notes and lime marmalade.-Mouth: on the palate with flavors of grapefruit, mint, green grape and thyme. With hints of vanilla. ginger, oak and white pepper. Sweet, spicy finish and subtle spicy notes.

PRODUCER: Suntory. Starts production and sale of wine since 1899 as Torii Shoten. Shinjiro Torii founder dreamed of making a different traditional whiskey produced in Scotland and is more adapted to their culture, turning his dream into reality in the region Yamazaki, with his whiskey of the same name in the region. He thus became, in 1923, a pioneer in the development of Japanese whiskey. The word "Toki Suntory " in Japanese means "time" and Toki Suntory has been designed keeping harmony between inheritance (tradition, the old, the past) and innovation (the modern, the future).COUNTRY: Japan.

DETAILS OF PROCESSING: Toki Suntory is performed with a mixture of three types of whiskey Yamazaki, Chita Hakushu and distilleries. Its main components are the single malt and grain whiskeys Hakashu Chita which must be aged for at least three years in oak barrels.

ALCOHOL: 43.0%

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The Producer



Suntory is a Japanese brewery and distillery. Founded in 1899 Suntory started as a shop selling imported wines. In 1924 Japan's first distillery -Destilería Yamazaki- starts producing malt whiskey. Five years later, first sold in Japan Suntory Whiskey whiskey Shirofuda (White Label) being the first Japanese whiskey domestic production. In 1963 the company changed its name to Suntory.

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vrai surprise, en BIEN, trés satisfait.
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5 /5

Great tasting drink.
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Suntory Toki

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