The Glenlivet 18 Year old


The Glenlivet 18 Year old

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The Glenlivet 18 Year old is a whisky from the Scottish region of Speyside characterized by the delightfulness of the malts with which it is produced. It is one of the flagship products of the Glenlivet Distillery and is also considered one of the best in the world.

For its excellent quality, it has won two Gold Medals in the International Wine and Spirit Competition and many other recognitions in international competitions.

The The Glenlivet 18 Year old is a round, full-bodied whisky with an identity. All its ingredients are perfectly perceived, as well as the character given to it by the 18 years of ageing.

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Technical sheet

Category:Whisky (Spirits)
Producer: The Glenlivet Distillery
Volume: 70cl Other volumes
75cl and 1L
Grapes: Rabigato, Viosinho, Verdelho
Alcohol Vol.: 40%
Country: Scotland
Type Of Whisky: Single Malt
Variety: Scotch

Description of The Glenlivet 18 Year old

The Glenlivet 18 Year old (Rabigato, Viosinho and Verdelho)


  • Colour: This drink has the traditional golden whisky colouring.
  • Aroma: On the nose, fruit scents rise above all. Some of the most prominent fruity scents include apricot and orange. Sweet caramel and bitter almond scents play a part in this scent profile.
  • Taste: This Scotch is blessed with balanced flavours. Sweet citrus sparks meld beautifully with traditional oak spice flavours. The drink also has a long finish, with lingering tastes of spices and raisins.

PRODUCER: The Glenlivet distillery first opened in 1822 by George Smith. Smith opened the distillery in the Livet valley, as it is close to natural spring water, which he used in his whiskys. During the time the distillery opened, making whisky was illegal. It was later legalized a couple years later. It wasn't until the early 1900's that the whisky began being sold in the Americas. Today, it is sold all over the world.

COUNTRY: Scotland

PRODUCTION DETAILS: Being a single-malt whisky, this drink is made in one single distillery and still. It is likely made of barely, as most Scotches are. This single-malt whisky goes through several stages throughout its 18-year ageing process. Firstly, it is aged in American oak barrels before being moved to ex-sherry oak casks. This helps to add the raisin-like and oak spices.


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The Producer

The Glenlivet Distillery

The Glenlivet Distillery

The Glenlivet's story begins in the isolated Livet Valley, where George Smith was illegally distilling his whisky before he even got his licence in 1824. Since then, this Speyside producer has grown to become one of the world's best-selling single malt brands. At the heart of the company's whisky range are products that are famous to lovers of the genre, such as The Glenlivet 12 Years and The Glenlivet Founder's Reserve.

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2013 Double Gold Medal - San Francisco World Spirits2016 Best Single Malt Scotch 18 Year Old (88.5) - The International Whisky Competition

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Glenlivet 18 years old Contents: 0.7 liter 43% vol. With dye Aroma: Slightly peaty, elegant and complex, oak Taste: nutty, malty, floral and sweet, oak, passion fruit finish: Oak and ginger, long lasting, distant smoke, dry, austere Information In 1823 the distillery by George Smith founded as the first legal distillery. The naming rights (The Glenlivet) were protected in 1880. In 1977, the distillery to the U.S. group Seagram was sold. 2001 The Glenlivet then Pernod Ricard bought up. For the bottlings of Glenlivet American oak casks are used where bourbon or sherry was stored. For the character of whiskeys is also the shape of the stills of importance. The founder of Glenlivet invented the alembic in the form of a lantern. To date, these are used for the burning process. Most of the whiskey at the age of 12 - and 18 bottled, rare at age 21. Independent bottlers Gordon & MacPhail bring out bottlings of very good quality in a more or less regular intervals.
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The Glenlivet 18 Years

4 /5

The Glenlivet is a malt whiskey, ie a single distillery. Draws its subtlety and elegance effects of climate and terroir of Speyside and the unique experience of Master Distiller Alan Winchester combined.

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The Glenlivet 18 Years

3 /5

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