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The Glenlivet 15 Years


The Glenlivet 15 Years

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The rich and exotic character of The Glenlivet 15 Years is the result of a special maturation process, during which part of the whisky is aged in French oak barrels. The Glenlivet distillery was one of the first distilleries to use French oak for the production of whisky, a technique that has since been imitated worldwide.

The low density of Limousin oak allows the whisky to sink deep into the wood to absorb all its aromas. In addition, the ageing time of the whisky in the barrels is meticulously controlled, so as not to exceed the desired result, that of a unique and pleasant spicy taste.

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Technical sheet

Category:Whisky (Spirits)
Producer: The Glenlivet Distillery
Volume: 70cl
Alcohol Vol.: 40%
Country: Scotland
Type Of Whisky: Single Malt

Description of The Glenlivet 15 Years

The Glenlivet 15 Years


  • Colour: The Glenlivet 15 Years has a warm, natural, deep reddish-gold hue.
  • Aroma: A buttery, creamy, and rich nose, with subtle scents of fresh citrus and peach.
  • Taste: A full-bodied, complex journey, remarkably smooth, with luscious orchard and citrus fruit and honeyed nut notes, and a hint of peppery lime warmth in the firm finish.

PRODUCER: The Glenlivet distillery was the first in the Scottish parish of the same name to be licensed for whisky production, back in 1824. But the genius of founder George Smith lay not in his seeking of a license, to legalise what he was already doing anyway, but in his revolutionising the style of the spirit. In crafting Speyside single malts, with their lighter character and 'pineapple' notes, he created an entirely new world of Scotch production. The Glenlivet is now one of the most technologically modern Speyside distilleries.

COUNTRY: United Kingdom

PRODUCTION DETAILS: The Glenlivet 15 Years was awarded a Gold Medal at The Spirits Masters 2015 and a Silver Outstanding Medal at the International Wine and Spirit Competition in the same year. With a proportion of its spirit matured in casks made from Limousin oak, in the manner of cognacs and fine wines, it acquires its spicy, smooth, complex, and unique character.


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The Producer

The Glenlivet Distillery

The Glenlivet Distillery

The Glenlivet's story begins in the isolated Livet Valley, where George Smith was illegally distilling his whisky before he even got his licence in 1824. Since then, this Speyside producer has grown to become one of the world's best-selling single malt brands. At the heart of the company's whisky range are products that are famous to lovers of the genre, such as The Glenlivet 12 Years and The Glenlivet Founder's Reserve.

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2014 Silver Medal - Distillers' Single Malts between 13 and 20 years old - International Spirits Ch2014 Gold Medal - Speyside Single Malts 13-18yo - The Scotch Whisky Masters (The Spirits Business)2014 Gold Medal - Scotch Single Malt Speyside - International Wine & Spirit Competition2014 Gold Medal - Liquid Gold Award - Jim Murray's Whisky Bible2015 Gold Medal - Speyside Single Malts 13-18yo - The Scotch Whisky Masters (The Spirits Business)2017 Gold Medal - Scotch Single Malt - Speyside - International Wine & Spirit Competition2018 Silver Medal - Speyside Single Malts 13-18yo - The Scotch Whisky Masters (The Spirits Business2019 Gold Medal - Single Malt Speyside 14-16yo - International Wine & Spirit Competition

Reviews of The Glenlivet 15 Years


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The Glenlivet 15 ans doit son caractère complexe et exotique à un vieillissement original. Après de longues années de vieillissement en fûts de chêne traditionnel, une partie du liquide est finie en fûts de chêne français neufs du Limousin. En bouche, il dévoile des notes fruitées et épicées.
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The Glenlivet 15 Years

4 /5

- Colour - Deep gold, with intense late-afternoon sunshine shades.
- Nose - Without water: Creamy, rich. Resinous fragrances swirl up before melting into a citrus fruit salad bowl. Lightly toasted pine nuts. Citrussy. Orange peel and candied grapefruit. A floral touch. Geranium, almond brandy snaps, vanilla toffee, fudge sauce. A tempting mellow bouquet for a sweet tooth! A dry spicy echo resonates in the back. Touch of liquorice.
- Water wakes up nutty and oaky aromas. Blancmange. Drying wood in a suntrap location.
- Rubbed on the hand - Freshly baked raisin buns, toasted brioche.
- Palate: Without water: Round, sweet, incredibly smooth and velvety. Wood is entirely integrated but present all the way, sweetly enveloping fruity and nutty flavours in an oaky shell. Luscious chocolate fudge fingers on taste buds.
- With water: Oak shows up through sweet and bitter flavours. Dark chocolate. Walnut peel. Water seems to unwind the bouquet, releasing more spices as well. The finish is drier.
- The finish is lingering, nutty. Toasted haelnuts, lightly smoked almonds. A distant spicy aftertaste.
- Oak gives the beat in the Glenlivet 15 Year Old French Oak Reserve. The influence of Limousin casks, the same that are used in Cognac, is obvious. They impart more oaky aromas (vanilla, bitter chocolate, creamy notes) than American oak. But it has achieved a remarkable smoothness, all edges cut and a rewarding complexity. The perfect dram for a sweet tooth. To be enjoyed after dinner, with a few dessert nibbles to complement its bakery bouquet.
- Better enjoyed with no water at all.
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The Glenlivet 15 Year old French Oak

4 /5

Glenlivet 15 Jahre Inhalt: 0,7 Liter 40% vol. Mit Farbstoff Tasting-Notes: Zedernholz, etwas reife Mango, Zimtaromen. Weicher Abgang, etwas würzig. Informationen Im Jahre 1823 wurde die Destille von George Smith als erste legale Destille gegründet. Die Namensrechte (The Glenlivet) wurden im Jahre 1880 geschützt. 1977 wurde die Destille an den US-Konzern Seagram verkauft. 2001 dann kaufte Pernod Ricard The Glenlivet auf. Für die Abfüllungen von Glenlivet werden Fässer aus amerikanischer Eiche verwendet in denen zuvor Bourbon oder Sherry gelagert wurde. Für den Charakter eines Whiskies ist auch die Form der Brennblasen von Bedeutung. Der Gründer von Glenlivet erfand die Brennblase in Form einer Laterne. Bis heute werden diese für den Brennvorgang verwendet. Meist wird der Whisky im Alter von 12- und 18 Jahren abgefüllt, seltener mit 21 Jahren. Unabhängige Abfüller wie Gordon & MacPhail bringen in mehr oder weniger regelmässigen Abständen eigene Abfüllungen von sehr guter Qualität heraus.
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Glenlivet 15 Years French Oak Finish

4 /5

NOTES DE CATA DE The Glenlivet 15 Years :Color: daurat, ambre foscOlor: notes de cítrics, ametlles i espècies dolces com canyellaGust: dolç, ric, notes de fruites i espècies (canyella i pebre blanc)PRODUCTOR: La destil·leria GlenlivetPAÍS: EscòciaDADES DE LA PRODUCCIÓ: envellit en bótes de roure americà i francèsALCOHOL: 40%
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