Redbreast 12 Year old Case


Redbreast 12 Year old Case

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Category:Whisky (Spirits)
Producer: Redbreast
Volume: 70cl
Alcohol Vol.: 40%
Country: Ireland
The Redbreast 12 Year old Case (£45.90): a whisky produced by Redbreast with roots in Ireland with an alcoholic level of 40%.

Description of Redbreast 12 Year old Case

Redbreast 12 Year old Case


  • Color: Gold with amber bright reflections.
  • Flavour: Aroma of banana, red apple, figs, lime and delicate notes of vanilla and pine.
  • Taste: Leave on the palate a strong flavor with hints of honey, ginger, tofu and final is spicy and creamy with the presence of spices, fruits and caramel. Presents notes of vanilla, toasted oak and malted barley also dab of essential oils, spices, lemon and nuts.

PRODUCER: Redbreast.

COUNTRY: Ireland.

PRODUCTION DETAILS: This whiskey is bottled directly from the barrel, without adding water or go through a filtering process. This distillate from a combination of malted barley and unmalted undergo a triple distillation process in copper stills handmade. Maturation takes place in oak barrels of sherry and bourbon for not less than 12 years, which gives a slight taste without being too robust.

ALCOHOL: 58.2%

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