Nikka Pure Malt Red 50cl

Nikka Distilling Company (Whisky)

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This Blended Malt, Nikka Pure Malt Red 50cl (£36.68), is made by Nikka Distilling Company with origins in Japan showing an alcohol content of 43%.

Technical sheet · Nikka Pure Malt Red

Category:Whisky (Spirits)
Producer: Nikka Distilling Company
Volume: 50cl Other volumes
Alcohol Vol.: 43%
Country: Japan
Type Of Whisky: Blended Malt

Description · Nikka Distilling Company

Nikka Pure Malt Red 50cl


  • Color: Ámbar
  • Olor: Cítricos, miel y fruta, pimienta negra. Melocotón. Chocolate y humo.
  • Sabor: Suave con notas cítricas y de humo.


PAÍS: Japón

Nikka Distilling Company

Of the two malt whiskey distilleries Nikka Yoichi tastier, male and peat malt aromas. The whiskey gets its distinct aroma and body from direct heating distillation, in which the stills are heated with natural charcoal, fine powder - the traditional method that is rarely used today, even in...

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Highlighted review about Nikka Pure Malt Red 50cl

Posted on at 05.14


Nikka Pure Malt Red 50cl

Pure Malt Red is a Japanese blended malt in a charming looking bottle! This is made up of malt whisky from the Nikka distilleries Yoichi and Miyagikyo. The result is a fruit, creamy, buttery, and slightly herbal whisky. Of Nikka's three Pure Malt series. The Red is all about the fruit; the White all about the peat; the Black is right in between.

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Posted on at 08.37

5 /5

Good product, value for money: excellent

Posted on at 19.33

4 /5

The more fruity 3. Notes of red fruits. Hits hard in the mouth right away. Stay long in taste.

Posted on at 18.11

5 /5

I have not yet tested the product delivered. However, I know this whiskey and I think quality will be identical to that of his "version" French.

Posted on at 05.15

4 /5

It's awesome

Posted on at 15.48

4 /5

- Color: Nikka Vatted Whisky Pure Malt Red 50cl is golden color with a hint of amber
- Odour: oranges and lemons with some grass
- Taste: dry smoothness, ranging from fruit and honey and barley
DETAILS OF DEVELOPMENT: is mainly based Whisky Distillery. Miyagikyou
PRODUCER: Nikka Distilling Company

Posted on at 16.52

4 /5

Nikka Pure Malt Red Blended 50cl

The Pure Malt Red Nikka is a blended whiskey obtained from combining various whiskeys single malt from the distillery Miyagikyo, near Sendai, Japan. Of amber, the Pure Malt Red Nikka the nose opens with delicate aromas of sweet and sugary candy peat, enriched with light hints of licorice and fruit. The palate shows a sharp attack, followed by sweet notes of sherry and burnt caramel, with a slightly bitter aftertaste and a pleasant and peaty finish. Ideal as sipping whiskey.

Posted on at 12.55

4 /5

Nikka Pur Malt Red 50cl

Buy Whiskey Nikka Pure Malt Red, a type of blended whiskey produced in Japan in Honshu region - Miyagi.

Posted on at 14.23

4 /5

Nikka Malt Red 50cl

Although whiskey production began in 1870 the real way to fame did not begin until 1918. The company's sake, Settsu Shuzo, wanted to produce a good whiskey. He sent an employee to Scotland to study and practice the art of making whiskey. That was Masataka Taketsuru, a graduate in chemistry. He came to Scotland to study at the University of Glasgow. He also worked on the Longmorn, Ben Nevis and Hazelburn distilleries in order to have practical knowledge. Two years later he returned to Japan with new knowledge, but the economic downturn post-war and stock market crash in 1922 stopped all plans to build a distillery. Soon he was out of work until Shinjiro Torii, founder of the company Kotobukiya, decided to make a whiskey distillery, and hired him. The obvious recommendation was Masataka distillation and production according to the Scottish model and place chosen the northern island, Hokkaido, by the similarities climate with Scotland. Shinjiro ignored him in all but the site, and built in Yamasaki, a village on the outskirts of Kyoto recognized for the high quality of its waters. Thus he was born the first Japanese distillery. Whiskey with the same name, is well known. Not as much as the company, which later became the well-known Suntory. Masataka remained as manager of the distillery for ten years. But his dream was to create a distillery in Hokkaido and do a very similar to the Scotch whiskey. He left the job to pursue his dream, successfully. As we know Whisky Yoichi Nikka Whisky Company Company.
Color viejocon gold amber reflections. Enariz is large, it is marked by citrus (orange) and candied fruit. With oxygenation evolves on herbaceous notes. The palate is fine and unctuous, ranges from fruit, lightly smoked malted barley and honey. long finish, develops on malted and floral notes. The whole is very balanced and great freshness.

Posted on at 11.35

4 /5

Rounded and smooth, with a touch of spice on the finish, the Nikka Pure Malt Red is a whisky for the pleasure seekers. With the majority of fresh and fruity malt whiskies from Nikka's Miyagikyo distillery, there is no denying the charming character of this intense, yet approachable malt. Share a glass before a meal, and set the course for a pleasant evening with Nikka Pure Malt Red.

Posted on at 15.04

4 /5

Masataka Taketsuru MEAN is the forerunner of Japanese whiskey. The group was born Nikka rally of his first 2 distilleries Yoichi and Miyagikyo. This wine from the series of pure malt is not peaty Nikka. This is a greedy whiskey, made with fruity malts and costs Miyagikyo. An elegant and fresh whiskey, very cozy.
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