Knockando 12 Years Old

Knockando Distillery (Whisky)

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Knockando Distillery delivers the Knockando 12 Years Old (£33.46), a Single Malt from Scotland showing an alcohol content of 43% and the professional ratings are: peñín: 90.
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The Knockando distillery was built in 1898, in the village of the same name. The name Knockando itself is derived from the Gaelic for "little black hill". What sets the whiskies from this distillery apart from the competition is that each bottle contains the product of one single season - which is what the producer considers one year of production - making each release its own special vintage.

Knockando 12 Year Old is a single malt Scotch whisky in the classic Speyside style. The only ingredients allowed in this traditional whisky are malted barley, yeast, and spring water from the Cardnach spring. During its slow maturation in oak casks, this fine spirit slowly gains its natural colour from the wood and develops its unique flavour. The 12 Year Old is the youngest whisky on offer from the distillery and is incredibly flavourful and smooth.

Light and fruity, this pleasant single malt is perfect for sipping. A splash of water will open it up to allow more flavours to come through while tasting. The short finish and delicate nature of this whisky from the heart of the world-famous Speyside region help to make it a beautiful addition to any bar or any collection of whiskies.

Technical sheet · Knockando 12 Years Old

Category:Whisky (Spirits)
Producer: Knockando Distillery
Volume: 70cl
Alcohol Vol.: 43%
Country: Scotland
Type Of Whisky: Single Malt

Description · Knockando Distillery

Knockando 12 Years Old


  • Color: Knockando 12 Years is amber coloured
  • Smell: Soft and very aromatic. Notes of honey, wax, hints of malted barley and roots with a touch of cut hay.
  • Taste: Full, with notes of heather roots and moist, syrupy sweet notes with Jamaica ginger cake, rum and a touch of peat malt. The finish is quite long, with winter spices and crystallized ginger with hints of grain mother.

PRODUCTOR: Knockando Distillery

ALCOHOL: 43% Vol

COUNTRY: Scotland

Knockando Distillery

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Highlighted review about Knockando 12 Years Old

Posted on at 09.29


Knockando 12 Years Old

Whiskey Knockando 12 AÑOSPara Whiskey Knockando 12 years only natural ingredients are used: malted barley, yeast and water the crystalline Cardnach spring, located in the hills of the distillery. Together, over time, they create a delicate whiskey with a distinctive fresh almond note in its younger versions that grows in intensity and flavor as the years pass. In each bottle of whiskey Knockando will be the product of a single season, or year of production - a practice that continues to distinguish this delicate Speyside almost all other single malts. WHISKEY TASTING NOTES Knockando 12 years: Vista: pale gold. Nose: sweet, aromatic, with light nutty notes. Palate: The palate is smooth, with floral traces complex, nuts and light smoky notes. It has a smooth finish, with notes of toffee. If you have questions when buying whiskey Knockando 12 years, contact the sommelier of our online wine shop and will advise you without obligation.

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Posted on at 16.50

4 /5

I chose it because I read it was matured in sherry casks without glue or nails, and it turns out that it is normal matured in Bourbon casks. . . It is reasonably priced and high-ranking, so that you can mix ginger and green tea powder dissolved in a little bit of water, is very rich.

Posted on at 09.58

5 /5

Knockando 12 Years

great product for connoisseurs

Posted on at 13.28

4 /5

Knockando 12 Years

TASTING NOTES OF Knockando Knockando Season 12 Years:
- Color: bright amber.
- Flavour: Very fruity, touch of black currant, cereals and full aromas.
- Taste: slight sensation, pleasantly sweet mouth.

PRODUCER: Knockando Distillery
COUNTRY: Scotland.

PRODUCTION DETAILS: - maleada barley, yeast and crystal clear water of the river Cardnach only natural ingredients are used.


Posted on at 17.12

4 /5

- Color: Knockando 12 Years (Speyside) has an amber colour.
- Odor: mild and very aromatic. Notes of honey wax, tennis malted barley and roots with a touch of cut hay.
- Mouth: Full, with notes of heather roots and damp earth notes of honeyed sweetness with Jamaica ginger cake, a hint of rum and malt peat. The finish is quite long with winter spices and crystallized ginger mother with cereal notes.

 ALCOHOL: 43% Vol
 COUNTRY: Scotland

Posted on at 09.50

4 /5

Knockando Knockando Season 12 Years

TASTING NOTES OF Knockando Knockando Season 12 Years:
- Color: pale gold.
- Flavour: sweet and aromatic, with hints of walnut.
- Taste: soft, floral traces complex, nuts, light aumadas notes. Finish: smooth, creamy toffee notes.

PRODUCER: Knockando Distillery.
COUNTRY: Scotland.

PRODUCTION DETAILS: a gentle slow maturation in oak barrels.


Posted on at 05.08

4 /5

Knockando 12 Years Old is flawless

Posted on at 10.34

4 /5

Knockando 12 years in bottle of 70 cl, premium Scotch whiskey developed in the region of Speyside, fruity with hints of flowers with a clean, short finish.

Posted on at 04.28

4 /5

Knockando 12

- Tasting notes: Smooth, complex floral strokes, nuts, light smoky notes. Pale gold. The nose is sweet and aromatic, with hints of walnut. Light and smooth - a little creamy. The palate is delicate, sharp and fruity with hints of almonds. Soft, creamy toffee notes, becoming drier.
- ALCOHOL: 40º

Posted on at 10.59

4 /5

Knockando Knockando Season 12 Years

Knockando 12 years is a whiskey made exclusively from natural ingredients, especially tending the amount of peat used in malting, not harden the final taste. Whiskey is matured in sherry casks, without nails or glue, and no dye is used. Knockando is a distillery located in the Scottish village of the same name, with a tradition that began in 1898, when it was built near the waters of Cardanch river, whose waters come from the thaws of montañNota tasting Knockando 12 AñosKnockando 12 years nose is sweet and nutty with hints of almonds and mouth which translates into a delicate fruity flavor with a dry and creamy finish.

Posted on at 12.55

4 /5

Knockando 12 Years

Discover the Whiskey Knockando 12 years, a type of whiskey Single Malt developed in Scotland in the Speyside region.
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