Jameson Crested


Jameson Crested

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The Jameson Crested , formerly known as Jameson's Crested Ten, is a tribute to the first drops bottled at the Bow Street distillery.

In the past, it was common practice to sell the whiskey directly into barrels to retailers, who then took care of bottling it. In the 1960s, however, it became just as common to dilute whiskey with water to make more money out of it. That's why Jameson decided to take matters into his own hands and add the bottling stage to his production process.

Jameson Crested is a whiskey with intense sherry aromas, the perfect spokesman for the art of Irish blending.

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Technical sheet

Category:Whisky (Spirits)
Producer: Jameson
Volume: 70cl
Alcohol Vol.: 40%
Country: Ireland
Type Of Whisky: Blended

Description of Jameson Crested

Jameson Crested


  • Colour: Jameson Crested has a light amber colour with golden reflections.
  • Aroma: Complex bouquet full of maple butter and sweet fragrances of vanilla and caramelized sugar, harmonized by fruity scents of citrus and apple skins. Spicy ginger and clove complete the set of aromas.
  • Taste: Strong sherry notes combine with fruity flavours of melon and ginger, accompanied with soft hints of toasted wood, a little touch of spice, and a bit of chocolate.

PRODUCER: Jameson.

COUNTRY: Ireland.

PRODUCTION DETAILS: Previously commercialized as Jameson Crested Ten, Jameson Crested is a rebranding of the most popular spirit by the Jameson house. Since the manufacturers decided to take control of the full process rather than trusting outside bonders, the quality of the Jameson name has remained unquestioned both in Ireland and worldwide. This whiskey is carefully crafted in a single pot still and carefully blended with the signature grain from the house. Once the desired alcohol level is achieved. A combination of sherry casks and bourbon barrels is used to allow the spirit to age, imprinting the sweet and spicy character that made the name famous. Perfect spirit for a sip, either neat or on the rocks, but is also exquisitely mixed with ginger ale and a touch of lime.


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The Producer



Jameson is an Irish Blended Whiskey produced by Irish Distillers, the Irish subsidiary of Pernod Ricard. For over two hundred years, Jameson has given us the opportunity to enjoy the best whisky in Ireland, while preserving the experience of its origins in today's bottles.

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2017 Gold Medal - Irish Blended - Premium - The Irish Whisky Masters (The Spirits Business)

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The palate of Jameson, is delicious, I never add water, its taste is drunk just to my taste the best taken.
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Jameson Crested Ten

4 /5

- A tribute to the oldest product bottles by Jameson. An accessible and scalable super premium from Jameson. For those who love the smooth taste of Jameson, but want to experience more of the brands rich history and treat themselves.
- Increased pot still content. Vivid Sherry, hearty pot still, some spice and a hint of melon and ginger. Full bodied with soft delicate undertones, toasted wood, perfectly balanced with fruit, spice and some chocolate notes, a warm embrace.
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3 /5

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