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Jameson 1.5L


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Jameson 1.5L is an Irish Whisky produced in Ireland since 1780, processed and aged at the Jameson 1.5L Distillery of Midleton. More than 200 years of history, but the distillery still follows the family motto "Sine Metu" - without fear - and the same identical recipe to produce its whiskey.

It is made from malted barley and unmalted barley, dried in closed ovens that retain its natural flavour. It is characterized by its triple distillation, which gives it a round, sweet and soft taste. Finally, it is left to age in oak barrels for 5-7 years, years in which the alchemy that is generated between the wood and the drink gives Jameson 1.5L the particular golden amber colour and delicate aromas.

A small anecdote: in the lower part of the label you can see two men loading a barrel. These two men symbolize the generations of men and women who have given their passion and commitment to producing the best whisky.

A unique whisky that can be drunk pure, with ice cubes or in cocktails.

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Technical sheet

Category:Whisky (Spirits)
Producer: Jameson
Volume: 150cl Other volumes
Alcohol Vol.: 40%
Country: Ireland

Elaboration of Jameson 1.5L

Jameson 1.5L


  • Colour: Jameson 1.5L is warm golden in colour.
  • Smell: Soft and fragrant, with delicate floral notes, toasted wood and sweet sherry.
  • Taste: Exceptionally smooth, sweet and complex. Delicate fusion of flavours such as vanilla, oak wood, honey, complemented by spices, caramel and nut. Delicate and persistent finish on the palate.

COUNTRY: Ireland

PRODUCTION: The distillery controls the entire production process, from the grain to the bottle. The master blender uses only whiskies that have been matured in the distillery itself. It is made by blending malted and unmalted barley pot still whisky with the best grain whisky, both distilled 3 times for greater smoothness. The barley is grown less than 100 miles from Midleton and the water comes from the Dungourney River, which flows right by the distillery. Maize, on the other hand, comes from the south of France, as it is a type of crop that needs a lot of sunshine.

The ageing of Jameson 1.5L takes place in American Bourbon and Spanish Sherry barrels. The heritage of both imprints the barrels with the necessary character to give Jameson 1.5L a personality marked by toasted notes, vanilla and sweet sherry.

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The Producer



Jameson is an Irish Blended Whiskey produced by Irish Distillers, the Irish subsidiary of Pernod Ricard. For over two hundred years, Jameson has given us the opportunity to enjoy the best whiskey in Ireland.

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2019 Irish Blended Standard Silver Medal - The Irish Whisky Masters (The Spirits Business)2018 Irish Blended Premium Gold Medal - The Irish Whisky Masters (The Spirits Business)2014 Liquid Gold Award - Jim Murray's Whisky Bible2014 Winner - Irish Blend of the year Jim Murray's Whisky Bible2014 Silver - Irish Whiskey Blended - International Wine & Spirit Competition

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- Founded in 1780 and produced at Midleton Distillery, Co Cork, by John Jameson and Son. Members of the family are still involved in the business, though in 1966 Jameson became a part of the Irish Distillers Group, who also make Bushmills. When John Jameson opened his distillery in Dublin in 1780 he was carrying on a tradition of whiskey making which had its origins in Ireland over a thousand years ago.
- Today Jameson Irish Whiskey is world famous for its distinctive flavour and smooth characteristics. Triple distilled from the finest Irish barley and pure spring water and then matured in oak casks. Jameson carries the hallmark of quality, which has made it the best selling Irish Whiskey around the world.
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