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Ban Poitin Pot Still Spirit


Ban Poitin Pot Still Spirit

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After a ban of over 300 years, Bán Poitín (pronounced 'bawn potcheen') is reclaiming its place as Ireland's most notorious spirit.

Ireland's national drink has traditionally had an extremely high alcohol content (sometimes up to 95% ABV) which some claimed could make you go blind. Made unofficially and sold in secret, King Charles II outlawed the beloved spirit in 1661 because it was hard to collect tax on it. Many believe the move was also part of a bigger effort to repress Irish culture by the British.

Over three centuries later, poitín is once again booming in the Emerald Isle. Award-winning Bán Poitín is produced using locally-sourced raw ingredients, which includes potatoes, malted barley and sugar beets.

Ireland's most notorious spirit can be sipped neat and works well in a range of cocktails.

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Technical sheet

Category:Whisky (Spirits)
Producer: Ban Poitin
Volume: 70cl
Alcohol Vol.: 48%

Description of Ban Poitin Pot Still Spirit

Ban Poitin Pot Still Spirit

TASTING NOTES: This crystal clear spirit has notes of bread and pepper and is both earthy and a little sweet.

PRODUCER: Echlinville Distillery Ltd

COUNTRY: Ireland

PRODUCTION DETAILS: Produced at the Echlinville Distillery in County Down from potatoes, malted barley and sugar beet.


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4 /5

- Earthy aromas of aloe vera, banana bread, sweet caramel, white pepper, box fresh sneakers.
- Distilled on large whiskey pot stills retaining all character from raw ingredients, nothing added nor taken away.
- Ingredients: Potato, Malted Barley & Sugar Beet Molasses.
- Whilst making it’s mark as a cocktail ingredient Ban (meaning white in Irish) is best enjoyed as a boilermaker with a pint of the 'black stuff'.
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