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Baileys 1L


Baileys 1L

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Baileys Original Irish Cream had its debut in 1974. This product of Ireland was the brainchild of David Dand. But it took three long years for the perfect recipe to be formulated that would allow the dairy cream and Irish whiskey to live in delicious harmony. This recipe uses no preservatives but is still able to guarantee that it will remain exquisitely drinkable for two years from its production date.

A cream liqueur that is produced and bottled nowhere other than the land of Ireland itself, Baileys has taken the world by storm. It is now available in more than 160 countries worldwide. You can find Baileys in all sorts of preparations. It is perfect on its own, either neat or on ice. Add some to your coffee in place of cream and sugar to enjoy the joy that the touch of cocoa and vanilla will add to your drink. Do not forget that Baileys is an essential ingredient in many popular cocktails.

This simple mix of aged Irish whiskey, Irish dairy cream, cocoa, and vanilla shows how the use of high-quality ingredients truly affect the final product. With dairy cream supplied by small Irish family farms, triple-distilled whiskey sourced from prestigious distilleries (such as the Old Bushmills distillery), Baileys simply could not get any better! Nor does it need to.

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Technical sheet

Category:Whisky Cream (Liqueurs & crèmes,Spirits)
Producer: Bailey & Co
Volume: 100cl Other volumes
Alcohol Vol.: 17%
Country: Ireland

Description of Baileys 1L

Baileys 1L


  • Colour: An opaque creamy brown.
  • Aroma: An invitingly cosy aroma of cocoa, toffee, Brazil nuts, dark coffee, and light peppermint overtones.
  • Taste: The texture is rich and full-bodied with a delicious bittersweet taste. The base flavour consists of chocolatey coffee beans, with notes of toffee dessert and creamy vanilla. The finish is long and full of flavour. Baileys 1L can be enjoyed cold on the rocks or mixed with your favourite hot coffee.

PRODUCER: Baileys. The original Irish Cream was invented in 1974 by Consultants David Gluckman and Hugh Seymour-Davies Tom Jago of Gilbeys of Ireland in order to create a product that would appeal to the international market. They came up with the idea to create an Irish whiskey and cream that would taste like dessert.

COUNTRY: Ireland

PRODUCTION DETAILS: Baileys stays true to its roots by producing and bottling every bottle of Baileys 1L in Ireland. The cream comes from Glanbia, an Irish dairy company, and the whiskey comes from various distilleries in Ireland. The whiskey and cream are homogenized to form an emulsion using vegetable oil. Other flavours are then added, including a proprietary cocoa extract recipe, herbs, and sugar. Baileys 1L contains dairy, but does not require refrigeration. This liquor can be enjoyed cold on the rocks or mixed with your favourite hot coffee.


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The Producer

Bailey & Co

Bailey & Co

With its products now sold in over 160 countries around the world, Bailey & Co is the proud producer of the world’s best-selling cream liqueur. This cream liqueur is still produced and bottled exclusively in Ireland, where the story of Baileys began.

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2012: Gold Medal - San Francisco World Spirits Competition2011: Double Gold - San Francisco World Spirits Competition

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Hay varias opciones hoy en dia a este clasico de las cremas, sigue siendo uno de los mejores, y toque perfecto para estos cafes domingueros +.
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Baileys 1L

5 /5

An all-time classic! Delicious, also great with a dash of whisky and a teaspoon of honey on ice.
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5 /5

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5 /5

The original and best Irish cream liqueur.
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