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VT Castilla Wine

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For many centuries, Castilla y Leon was the center of power in Spain. From here, the reconquest of Spain by the Christians was accelerated significantly in the Middle Ages.

In Castilla y Leon - or better at the frieze of the Visigothic church of Santa María de Lara - is still admiring the view first wine in Christian Europe. The grape juice has always played a big role in this region. And she plays today - after the phylloxera plague - again. VT Castilla y León is one of four country wine regions in Castile and León.

"Vinos de la Tierra" is a quality level under the Denominacion de Origen. But which does not necessarily have much say about the quality of the wines. Meanwhile, bring many bodegas that actually belong to a DO, their wines with the new VT appeal to the Mannß. They can circumvent the statutes of the DO control councils. And that gives the wine connoisseur excellent drops to extremely good prices.

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