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Zubrowka (Vodka)

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Zubrówka Vodka

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Alcohol content - For Customs Capacity 40 - For customs type of alcohol - For Customs Other Spirits Brand Zubrowka Vodka Flavor Product Type (s) - Sweet Mint Country of origin Poland Development Zubrowka is made from rye great quality, grown in the North-West of Poland. A dilution production dating back to the fourteenth century. rye grain sown in autumn and harvested using the following summer. They are then cleaned, crushed and mixed with fresh water. Yeast for starting the fermentation is added to obtain a low-alcoholic liquid. The triple of ingredients Zubrowka is finally bottled. To give the drink its greenish reflections and unique taste, a blade of grass from the Bialowieza plain is enclosed in the bottle. General Notes The Zubrowka vodka drinks usually hit or elongated apple juice as an appetizer. Also popular during the meal, it goes well with a fine dish of salmon or caviar., A digestive, vodka is tasted in the manner of a "colonel", with a scoop of sorbet in the cit service with advice ice Quantity 1 alcohol content 40% packaging Carafe Bottle pack dimensions (L x W x H) 10 cm x 37 cm x 10 cm packed Weight in kg 1.500 kg 37 cm Width Length packing packing packing 10 cm Height 10 cm

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