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Vodka Ultimat


Vodka Ultimat

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Technical sheet

Category:Vodka (Spirits)
Producer: Ultimat Vodka
Volume: 70cl
Alcohol Vol.: 40%
Country: Poland
Ultimat Vodka presents us the Vodka Ultimat (£34.95), a vodka with roots in Poland with an alcoholic content of 40%. The Drinks&Co community values the Vodka Ultimat with 4 of 5 points.


Vodka Ultimat


  • Colour: Vodka Ultimat is brightly transparent, although it is contained in an utterly fabulous cobalt blue bottle.
  • Aroma: A relatively neutral nose due to the purity of the spirit, but there are subtle echoes of sweetness and pepper.
  • Taste: Luxuriously smooth, with delicate notes of anise, berries, citrus, and juniper, and a long vanilla finish.

PRODUCER: The Patrón Spirits Company owns Vodka Ultimat. Patrón is the exclusive global importer and marketer of the eponymous and wildly popular brand of tequila.

COUNTRY: Poland.

PRODUCTION DETAILS: Most vodkas are made with potatoes, or with rye, or with wheat. This excellent super-premium vodka is crafted from all three, and is quadruple-distilled, then purified using ceramic candlelight filtration. The three key ingredients provide complexity, richness, and smoothness. Vodka Ultimat was at one stage the most expensive vodka on the planet, and for good reason. Smooth, clean, and pure, it is considered by some to be too high-quality for mixing. Sip it straight from the freezer, or even at room temperature, by all means, but don't think you can't add its utter gorgeousness to your favourite cocktail. The touch of juniper means you can use Vodka Ultimat like a gin, so why not enjoy it on ice with tonic and a cucumber slice?


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