Vodka Red Army Kalashnikov 1L

1L Volume

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Bartex Bartol Sp. J. offers a very special product that presents two of Russia's greatest export hits in one: a Kalashnikov* filled with *Vodka. It is a glass imitation made with the finest Vodka from high-quality wheat and spring water.

The Russian assault rifle is delivered together with a glass hand grenade filled with herbal liqueur in an army green ammunition box. In addition, the box contains 6 shot glasses, so that you can enjoy this unique Vodka pure to the full!

Na sdorowje!

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Technical sheet

Category:Vodka (Spirits)
Producer: Bartex Bartol Sp. J.
Volume: 100cl Other volumes
Alcohol Vol.: 40%
Country: Russia

Description of Vodka Red Army Kalashnikov 1L

Vodka Red Army Kalashnikov 1L


  • View: The Vodka Red Army Kalashnikov 1L is transparent and clear.
  • Nose: This vodka exhales subtle, slightly lemony and very fresh scents. Herbal Vodka, on the other hand, has more complex aromas of fresh herbs, honey and citrus.
  • Palate: The sensation in the mouth rather fresh and pleasant. Rather neutral at first, the vodka then releases lemony and honeyed flavours. The finish is persistent and vanilla-flavoured. Pomegranate with herbs has a frank attack and a well-balanced palate. The finish is long and spicy.

PRODUCER: "Bartex Bartol" is a company that was created in 1990 and was initially dedicated solely to the marketing and distribution of wines and dried vegetables. But from 1993 will develop first the bottling, then the fermentation of wines and fruits. Finally, after the construction of a distillery, it is the production of alcohols which will be born and expand rapidly. Today, the company is the leader on the Polish market of wine and spirits distribution.

COUNTRY: Poland.

DESIGN: The Vodka Red Army Kalashnikov 1L is above all a nod to the mythical weapon of the Red Army, and the bottle in the shape of a machine gun, the grenade filled with herbal vodka, the 6 "cartridge" glasses and the army green wooden case only reinforce the image, and make it an ideal gift or object for all collectors.


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4 /5

TASTING NOTES:Colour: The vodka in the Vodka Red Army Kalashnikov 1L presentation box is transparent in appearance.Aroma: Clean spirit with a hint of grain and honey.Taste: The purity of the wheat and spring water with which it was made, and with subtle underlying notes of honey and vanilla.PRODUCER: Bartex is a Polish company which is a creator, distributor, and exporter of a huge range of alcoholic beverages and related products. Its products include wines, vermouths, brandies, spirits, whiskies, cognacs, rums, flavoured vodkas, and novelty items such as Vodka Red Army Kalashnikov 1L. With eight regional offices through Poland, it is well-positioned to distribute its large portfolio to its country's borders and beyond.COUNTRY: PolandPRODUCTION DETAILS: Combining two of Russia's most famous creations, Vodka Red Army Kalashnikov 1L presents a litre of vodka inside a bottle which presents as a glass replica of a Kalashnikov rifle. The set is presented in an army green wooden ammunition box, and also contains six shot glasses bearing a ‘Red Army' emblem, and a replica hand grenade containing a smaller quantity of more herb-infused vodka at 0.2L. The shot glasses are packaged as shell casings. Long after the contents have been enjoyed, Vodka Red Army Kalashnikov 1L will leave you with interesting, unique, and useful objects as a talking point.ALCOHOL: 40%
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4 /5

This is an absolute quality vodka is made from high quality wheat and multi-filtered water and clear manantial. El taste is very smooth, with a delicate touch of honey and vanilla. Presented in an ammunition box wood painted army green Kalashnikov, with six shot glasses and one hand full of Granada herbal liqueur.
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3 /5

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