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Vodka Konik's Tail


Vodka Konik's Tail

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Technical sheet

Category:Vodka (Spirits)
Producer: Konik's Tail
Volume: 70cl
Alcohol Vol.: 40%
Country: Poland
It's Konik's Tail who produces the Vodka Konik's Tail (£36.35), a vodka with origins in Poland with an alcoholic level of 40%. The Drinks&Co community values the Vodka Konik's Tail with 4 of 5 points.

Description of Vodka Konik's Tail

Vodka Konik's Tail


  • Color: Vodka Konik's Tail is vodka
  • Mouth: Rich in flavor , full of character , complex and well balanced.

PRODUCER : Konik 's Tail Ltd.


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Reviews of Vodka Konik's Tail


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4 /5

- Konik's Tail is produced in limited quantities in accordance with uncompromising Polish vodka-making traditions dating back over six hundred years and handcrafted under the watchful eye of Pleurat Shabani and Bernadeta Ejsmont the Master of the Cellar (Mistrz Ceremonii).
- A unique blend of the three grains ensures Konik's Tail Vodka is rich in flavour, full of character and distinctly complex.
- Three wild Koniks each represent one of the three grains in this unique blend, bringing alive the name and story.
- Nose: A sophisticated, rare and delicate nose with different layers of distinctive rich ripe grain, giving way to notes of spelt nuttiness, white pepper, delicate spice and citrus.
- Palate: Velvety and elegant with a creamy, light buttery character, an impressive crisp nutty balance with underlying full bodied ryness adding depth and balance, and expanding further with aniseed freshness and spice. Notes of creamy vanilla and nuances of zesty fruit undercut by peppery basil
- Finish: Rich in flavour, full of character and distinctly complex and most importantly very persistent.
- Time stands still in Bialowieza, Poland's last remaining primeval forest. So still, the snap of a twig alerts the native Konik to gather and gallop at great speed through the ancient forest. Sure footed on their time-worn path, their shimmering tails brush and blend with the silver birch, stirring up the pure air of this enchanted place.
- The primeval Konik is the elusive spirit of the forest. To catch a glimpse is said to ensure a good harvest for the making of great vodka.
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