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Grey Goose (Vodka)

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Grey Goose presents us the Vodka Grey Goose Vx 1L (£91.99), a Neutral with origins in France with an alcohol strength of 40%.
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Vodka Grey Goose Vx 1L emerges from the fine combination of an excellent cognac and a first-class vodka. It's a unique spirit made by Grey Goose, resembling luxury and 100% French attitude. But also the bottle reminds of the vodka's noble cousin, cognac, and draws a beautiful homage for this artisanal national product.

Technical sheet · Vodka Grey Goose Vx

Category:Vodka (Spirits)
Producer: Grey Goose
Volume: 100cl
Alcohol Vol.: 40%
Country: France
Type Of Vodka: Neutral

Description · Grey Goose

Vodka Grey Goose Vx 1L


  • Color: Vodka Grey Goose Vx 1L has a bright color
  • Flavour: subtle aromas of citrus and white flowers;
  • Taste: slightly sweet tender mouth that coats the palate; warm and spicy finish.

PRODUCER: Grey Goose


PRODUCTION DETAILS: is made with the best French wheat produced in the popular district of La Beauce and the purest artesian well water. Filtering with champagne limestone and carefully distilled according to traditional canons of the French region of Cognac. Distillation is based on a patented five distillation process.

Grey Goose

Grey Goose is a premium brand vodka produced in France. It was originally founded by Sidney Frank before its 2004 sale to Bacardi. The initial idea for Grey Goose was to develop a luxury vodka for the American marketplace, something Frank had been considering for a while when he came up with the...

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Posted on at 16.23


Vodka Grey Goose Vx 1L

Alcohol content - For Customs Capacity 40 - For customs 100 Type of alcohol - For Customs Other Spirits Brand Product Type NO Capacity Vodka 100cl Originally from France Preparation when a hint of cognac transcends best Gray Goose, a unique experience ingredients wheat Beauce pure water sources Gensac-La-Pallue General Notes is a new french treasure this vodka is a french artisan jewel: a sublimated by a vodka cognac tip that multiplies the flavors. Serving tips Only In cocktail Struck with Icicles cost Quantity 1 Alcohol content 40% Bottle Packaging Shipping and Handling cardboard reinforced Legal Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health, consume in moderation. Packing dimensions (L x W x H) 12 cm x 35 cm x 12 cm packed Weight in kg 1 300 kg Length 35 cm Width packing packing packing 12 cm Height 12 cm

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Posted on at 00.45

5 /5

Not drank yet but compared to all the other prices online this is the best price you are going to find anywhere online great price for a grwat product after all with grey goose you cant go wrong

Posted on at 13.00

5 /5

Excellent value for the money

Posted on at 09.26

4 /5

Competitively priced

Posted on at 11.35

4.5 /5

very very smooth

Posted on at 17.12

4 /5

-Color: Vodka Grey Goose Vx 1L shows a translucent color.
-Olor: Complex with hints of flowers of white fruits and plums.
-Taste: Notes of apricot, citrus and wild honey laego followed by a lingering finish.

PRODUCER: Grey Goose.
COUNTRY: France.


Posted on at 17.12

4 /5

-Color: Vodka Grey Goose Vx 1L shows a light color.
-Olor: Contains complex notes of fruit blossom plum, apricot, soft citrus and wild honey.
-Taste: The balance is subtle and harmonious, rich and delicate, with a long, full finish.

PRODUCER: Grey Goose.
COUNTRY: France.

PRODUCTION DETAILS: created by the Maître de Chai François Thibault, mixed with a hint of cognac created exclusively for Grey Goose. Traditional aged in old barrels a selection made from Limousin oak for up to two years.

Posted on at 04.46

4 /5

Gray Goose Vodka Original VX is a vodka from adamantine color and its rich and complex aroma reminiscent hints of almond, cherry, apricot and citrus fruits. From the experience of the master distillers of the Cognac region, combined with modern production methods, Gray Goose comes to life: the vodka that embodies the elegance and sophistication of the best French tradition. Try creating the Stirred VX: ice, a few drops of sherry, cocoa liqueur and Gray Goose VX.

Posted on at 04.14

4 /5

Grey Goose VX (vodka exceptionelle) is an innovative product in the sense that it is blended with a hint of Champagne Cognac. As a result, it has complex nose with hints of fruit blossom, plum, apricot, light citrus and wild honey, followed by a long lingering finish.

Posted on at 14.03

4 /5

1 liter

Posted on at 14.23

4 /5

Grey Goose Exclusive Edition VX is a great example of the iconic French brand of vodka he refuses to follow trends.
This special blend containing 5% Vodka cognac, but is sufficient to impart the incredible flavor and aroma of cognac without beating the vodka experience too far. Produced in very limited quantities.
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