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Vodka Beluga Gold Line


Vodka Beluga Gold Line

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The Vodka Beluga Gold targets connoisseurs and enthusiast of Premium vodkas. This Russian differs from other vodkas of the same brand Beluga with a quintuple distillation (on the contrary to the usual triple distillation process). Moreover, each bottle comes with its own serial number and is closed with a red wax seal. The real Beluga Gold Line comes always with an original hammer to open the bottle and a small brush for the cleaning. This way, the maker highlights the limited edition's authenticity and individuality with a powerful attitude.

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Technical sheet

Category:Vodka (Spirits)
Producer: Beluga
Volume: 70cl Other volumes
Magnum and 1L
Alcohol Vol.: 40%
Country: Russia
Type Of Vodka: Neutral
Number Of Distillations: 5 Distillations

Description of Vodka Beluga Gold Line

Vodka Beluga Gold Line


  • Colour: Entirely clear and colourless, like water.
  • Aroma: An intense and pure alcohol scent with overtones of white pepper and cinnamon.
  • Taste: The texture is remarkably smooth and creamy with a crisp and pure vodka taste, a bit gentler than one would expect. Subtle notes of sage and vanilla melt into a long and clean finish.

PRODUCER: Beluga. Beluga is located in a picturesque and ecologically pure corner of Siberia, 300 kilometres away from the closest village.

COUNTRY: Russia.

PRODUCTION DETAILS: Vodka Beluga Gold Line is a grain spirit made using pure artesian water and also includes rice extract and rhodiola rosea extract, and is filtered using quartz sand. After distillation, the vodka is aged or "rested" for 3 months, during which time the vodka acquires a balanced structure. During production, undergoes constant quality control at every phase. The luxurious appeal of Vodka Beluga Gold Line continues with the presentation. Each handmade bottle is numbered to show its uniqueness. The cork is held by a delicate wire muzzle. Each bottle comes with a beautifully decorated small wooden hammer to remove the sealing wax and a brush to dust off any remnants. As a finishing touch, Vodka Beluga Gold Line is packaged in a special gift packaging, making it a perfect impressive gift. This vodka blends seamlessly with a wide variety of cocktails.


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The Producer



Beluga or Mariinsk Distillery was founded in 1902 on the northern border of Siberia.

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zeer goed
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Vodka Beluga Gold Line

4 /5

- Limited stock.
- Beluga Gold Line is one of the most luxurious vodkas in the world.
- It has a limited edition due to more complicated and prolonged production process. Each bottle has an individual number.
- This malt spirit is produced in Russia, and fermented with natural enzymes, not with the synthetic additives. All ingredients are 100% natural, which makes it the best tasting vodka on the market.
- The cork is sealed with wax and a hammer is supplied to remove the wax.
- The bottle was designed by French Cognac Masters, and includes a beluga fish metallic label.
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Beluga Gold Line

3.5 /5

Un auténtico placer poder degustar un vodka de tal calidad.
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Vodka de mucha calidad

4 /5

Beluga Gold gjennomgår et ekstra filter ta mer hvile for å avgrense deres smak og skape verdens mest eksklusive vodka. Den er produsert i små grupper av 900 flasker om dagen, nummerert.
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