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Vestal Raspberry & Blackcurrant Vodka


Vestal Raspberry & Blackcurrant Vodka

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Vestal Raspberry and Blackcurrant Vodka is a deliciously fruity vodka made on the basis of potato vodka with the addition of ripe gorgeous raspberries and blackcurrants with real depth and character. Enjoy neat or mixed in a cocktail.

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Technical sheet

Category:Vodka (Spirits)
Producer: Vestal Vodka
Volume: 70cl
Alcohol Vol.: 40%
Country: Poland

Description of Vestal Raspberry & Blackcurrant Vodka

Vestal Raspberry & Blackcurrant Vodka


  • Colour: Raspberry red.
  • Aroma: Echoes of raspberry sorbet, clean minerality and reassuring notes of nutmeg.
  • Taste: The palette certainly experiences both raspberry and blackcurrant leaf with the tannins you'd expect from real fruit. A perfect balance of sweetness and dryness is detected, thanks to an entirely natural process. And the finish? Long and lingering with that creamy Vestal Vodka base giving way to a murmur of rosemary and a suggestion of spice.

PRODUCER: Vestal Vodka


PRODUCTION DETAILS: Vestal vodka uses its potato vodka as the base. This is distilled and filtered just once to ensure the flavour and personality of the potatoes remain intact. Then ripe gorgeous raspberries and blackcurrants with real depth and character are added.

ABV: 40%

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Reviews of Vestal Raspberry & Blackcurrant Vodka


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4 /5

A vibrant and fruity Polish vodka produced from juicy raspberries and blackcurrant macerated in Vestal's potato vodka. Great with lemonade, cocktails or over ice.
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4 /5

- Made up of carefully selected hedgerow and orchard ingredients macerated in Vestal crafted potato vodka, Vestal Raspberry & Blackcurrant Vodka is fruity, vibrant and rich in flavour, with a low sugar content.
- Perfect as a base for cocktails, to enjoy with your favourite mixer, or to serve over ice.
- Vestal Twinkle
- Ingredients: 25ml Vestal Raspberry & Blackcurrant Vodka, 100ml Prosecco, Raspberry.
- Method: Add the Raspberry & Blackcurrant Vodka to a Champagne flute, then top with the prosecco. Garnish with a fresh raspberry.
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