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U'luvka Vodka


U'luvka Vodka

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Technical sheet

Category:Vodka (Spirits)
Producer: The Brand Distillery
Volume: 70cl Other volumes
100ml and 1.75L
Alcohol Vol.: 40%
Country: Poland
The vodka, U'luvka Vodka (£36.23), is produced by The Brand Distillery with roots in Poland with an alcoholic strength of 40%. According to Drinks&Co users, the U'luvka Vodka deserves an evaluation of 4,1 of 5 points and the professional ratings are: peñín: 90.

Description of U'luvka Vodka

U'luvka Vodka


  • Vista:U'luvka Vodka has an intense color.
  • Nose: The nose is extremely subtle and no alcoholic notes.
  • Mouth: U'Luvka is a recreation of a legendary vodka Royalty sixteenth century, produced today by some of the best alchemists materials are used Polonia.En best Polish rye, wheat and barley, which are added to agua.U 'Luvka distilled three times only ensuring strength, purity and smoothness and while maintaining the character body and its flavor. In the mouth, this subtlety is slowly opened, revealing thus alcoholic soft notes with hints of anise and salted butter. The finish is very nice and no quemor.

WINERY: The Brand Distillery

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U'luvka Vodka

4 /5

- U'Luvka is distilled in small batches, by craftsmen, from the finest Polish rye, wheat and barley.
- It is fresh, clean and elegant on the nose, with distinct floral notes.
- You will find it creamy and lightly buttery in character, with impressive sweet, savoury and spicy flavours, aniseed freshness and a long vibrant grain finish.
- U'Luvka is both new and yet old at the same time. It has roots going back to the alchemists of the 17th century Polish Royal Court.
- In those heady days, the tradition was to drink vodka from glasses without bases. This had one unfortunate side effect that the glasses could not be put down until the entire contents had been drunk.
- Legend has it that the Court was almost permanently intoxicated and affairs of state were grinding to a halt. Sendivogius, the genius court alchemist, was begged by the King and Queen to distil a a spirit of such exceptional quality that the court could continue to drink all night and work all day. Sendivogius worked his magic and created a Royal elixir of rare quality. The court was saved, and just enough was never again too much.
- Alchemy is all about transformation and this is the essence of U'Luvka. Working with Poland's finest modern alchemists, U'Luvka has been recreated the 'unfathomable spell' the result of which is yours to enjoy.
- So propose a toast with U'Luvka that encapsulates the ancient and universal traditions and the three abiding principles of U'Luvka, 'To Friendship, Love and Pleasure.'
- U'Luvka Vodka has won over 40 International Awards to date. Including Best Super Premium Vodka in the world over 5 times and best packaging over 6 times in the last 18 months.
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