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Stolichnaya Elit


Stolichnaya Elit

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Stolichnaya vodkas, commonly known as Stoli, have been around since the year 1938. This is their birth year as it is the year in which the Stolichnaya vodka recipe was invented. Stoli has been produced and bottled in its facility in Riga, Latvia since 1948. Stolichnaya Elit takes this already distinctive vodka experience to the next level.

To create Stolichnaya Elit, ultra-high quality grain from the Tambov region of Russia is hand-selected before being fermented. It goes through three distillations to achieve maximum purity. The product is then filtered through super-fine quartz sand twice and through birch charcoal once. For the final step, the vodka must go through Stolichnaya's patented freeze-filtration. For this, the spirit is chilled to -18˚C before going through an ultra-slow filtration using ion-charged filters. The result of all of this hard work is an outstanding vodka of unparalleled purity.

The distinctive Stoli Elit bottle is just a hint of the beauty of the liquid waiting inside. While you can treat Stolichnaya Elit like any other vodka, it's best enjoyed on its own. Savour it neat, chilled, or on the rocks. Pair it with anything smoked, pickled, or cured for a classic combination which allows the vodka to truly shine.

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Technical sheet

Category:Vodka (Spirits)
Producer: Stoli Vodka
Volume: 70cl Other volumes
Alcohol Vol.: 40%
Country: Russia


Stolichnaya Elit


  • Colour: Transparent.
  • Aroma: Clean, rich and grainy aromas.
  • Taste: Palate of citrus, warm caramel and grainy notes. Warm and delicate finish.

ALCOHOL: 40% Vol

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The Producer

Stoli Vodka

Stoli Vodka

Stolichnaya Vodka is a brand that is known all around the world. While it is more commonly known as Stoli, this brand is in control of the entire process: farming, production, and distribution. This is how they have been able to remain so consistent and so popular for so long.

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Stolichnaya Elit

4 /5

- Stolichnaya, the most prestigious vodka brand in the world reveals it's prized possession, Elit.
- Discover a remarkable combination of elegance and mystique. Nobility and purity. Prestige and pleasure.

Elit's unmistakable purity is the result of the highest quality ingredients, centuries-old traditions and above all, a unique and revolutionary 'freezing' filtration process, specially developed and patented by the SPI Group.
- This expensive, labour and time consuming procedure filters the spirit at sub-zero temeratures reaching -18 C, so that the liquid's density increases causing all impurities to freeze aagainst the walls of the filtration tanks. These unwanted crystalline substances are then discarded from the distillate, allowing the selection of nothing but the purist of spirits for their select formaula of Elit.
- The result is a vodka like no other. A rare spirit that ranks among the finest and smoothest in the world, Elit.
Tasting vodka is different from tasting other alcoholic drinks (including wine) because we are looking for an absence of flavour in vodka. Vodka is alcohol in it's purest form and the less flavour the better. Cheaper vodkas can have a pronounced burn on the back of the throat (the finish) due to a faster and cheaper filtration.
- Nose: Mellow, enigmatic, fresh aniseed and sherbet with a rounder, grainy arnish.
Palate: Evolves from light to medium-bodied with a distinguished creamy aniseed character, garnished with savoury, lightly luscious spiciness and balancing dryness.
Finish: Subtle, spicy aniseed.
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Vodka Elit™ By Stolichnaya

5 /5

Super smooth its definitely a top quality product.
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