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Skyy Vodka 1L

Skyy Spirits (Vodka)

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SKYY Vodka is a leading domestic premium vodka in the US and the fifth biggest premium vodka worldwide. SKYY’s state-of-the-art process of quadruple distillation and triple filtration yields a vodka of proven exceptional quality and smoothness. Starting with SKYY Vodka’s distinctive cobalt blue bottle and award-winning marketing communications, SKYY is synonymous with quality, sophistication, and style

We present you one of our favourite cocktails Oh Sherry, which is made with the Skyy Vodka 1L :

  • 2 oz SKYY® Vodka
  • 1 oz Lustau® manzanilla
  • 2 Dashes Saline Solution 1:1

Do not forget the sherry! ;)

Technical sheet · Skyy Vodka

Category:Vodka (Spirits)
Producer: Skyy Spirits
Volume: 100cl Other volumes
Alcohol Vol.: 40%
Country: United States
Type Of Vodka: Neutral
Number Of Distillations: 4 Distillation

Description · Skyy Spirits

Skyy Vodka 1L


  • Colour: Clear and translucent, Skyy Vodka 1L has the appearance of a classic vodka.
  • Aroma: A strong alcoholic atmosphere greets the nose, with accompanying notes of light grains.
  • Taste: The flavour profile falls on the neutral side with a soft and smooth character, with the burning sensation of alcohol lasting on the palate. The finish is not quite long, with some peppery notes, along with anise and coriander.


COUNTRY: United States of America.

PRODUCTION DETAILS: This company started in 1992, curiously while on the search for a better-quality martini. The answer to this dilemma seemed quite simple: to find a better vodka! In practice, however, it was not as simple. The first vodka crafted using products cultivated on American soil, typically grains or potatoes, the Skyy house concentrates on the purity and the simplicity as marks of excellence. This spirit is produced using a quadruple column distillation process, followed by triple filtration. The final result is a superb expression, smooth and crisp, the classic vodka in its finest presentation. The final touch of elegance is given by the exquisite design of the blue bottle, simply amazing. Weather in a vodka martini, a vodka tonic, or just neat, Skyy Vodka 1L is definitely a fine choice.


Skyy Spirits

One man. One goal. This is how Skyy vodka was created. Maurice Kanbar invented Skyy vodka in hopes of creating a better martini. That is why Skyy has a superior taste that is purer and of higher quality than anything else he could find on the market. Made from 100% American grain and water , Skyy...

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Highlighted review about Skyy Vodka 1L


Posted on at 10.59


Skyy Vodka 1L

Skyy Vodka is a vodka made in the US by Skyy Spirits distillery, with the first quality beans to which it is subjected to a distillation process triple and quadruple filtration process.
Skyy Vodka is considered the purest vodka dese 1992 using only wheat grains also was the No. 1 vodka in 2012
Skyy Vodka is ideal for very cold alone or combined for making various cocktails.

View: This vodka has a clear, bright and clean color.
Nose: It has a neutral flavor with a touch of grain but almost imperceptible.
Boca: It has a warm, soft and with a little touch of bitterness taste.
Skyy Vodka Alcohol: 40 degrees

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Noelia Huecas De La Plaza

Posted on at 12.20

5 /5

I LOVE was what I wanted.
Michael Singh

Posted on at 14.12

5 /5

YVery happy
Phill Ramsden

Posted on at 11.39

5 /5

Premium American vodka, better than a lot of the competition
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