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Russian Standard Platinum 1L


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Russian Standard Vodka bases its recipe on Professor Dmitri Mendeleev's philosophy of the perfect balance between water and alcohol, which was set by Tsar Alexander III in 1894. Made only in St. Petersburg, Russia, Russian Standard Vodka fuses time-honoured traditions with state-of-the-art distillation.

Glacial water from Lake Ladoga and winter wheat from the Russian Steppes are brought to the state-of-the-art distillery in St. Petersburg where they are then put through a proprietary distillation process more than 200 times to result in an ultra-clean, smooth, and delicious vodka. This product is then filtered using charcoal, quartz, and silver to remove all impurities before the vodka is allowed a resting period in which the liquid is allowed to mature and become even smoother.

The convergence of nature, technology, history, and craft are all condensed into this single, pure vodka. Russian Standard Platinum is the premium version of the already fantastic Russian Standard vodka. It is best appreciated on the rocks or sipped from a shot glass, neat. A good cocktail never goes amiss. Try a Russian Mule made with Russian Standard Platinum and you will not be disappointed. Traditional Russian appetisers are the ideal pairing for such a traditional Russian vodka. Try it with dark bread, pickled vegetables, caviar, and smoked fish.

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Technical sheet

Category:Vodka (Spirits)
Producer: Russian Standard Vodka
Volume: 100cl Other volumes
50cl, 70cl and 1.75L
Alcohol Vol.: 40%
Country: Russia

Description of Russian Standard Platinum 1L

Russian Standard Platinum 1L


  • Colour: Typical of most vodkas, this drink is clear.
  • Aroma: This beverage has a crisp scent. An aroma of pure alcohol defines each bottle.
  • Taste: There is hardly a distilled beverage that goes down smoother than this. Fans of this beverage provide it with high praise for being virtually flavourless, making it the perfect mixer.

PRODUCER: The Russian Standard distillery was founded by Roustam Tarkio in St. Petersburg, Russia. This distillery prides itself in its one-of-a-kind 200-time distillation process. This removes all impurities from the alcohol and makes it truly satisfying. Today, the distillery still resides in St. Petersburg, where the drink is both distilled and bottled.


PRODUCTION DETAILS: This beverage is made from glacial water sources from Lake Ladoga, near St. Petersburg, Russia. Russian winter wheat provides for the alcohol-base. This grain is distilled before being mixed with the glacier water. All in all, the drink is distilled over 200 times, making it remarkably crisp and fresh. The drink is also filtered through charcoal, quartz, and silver at some point in the alcohol-making process. Lastly, the alcohol goes through a phase of "relaxation," which allows the drink to mature and balance before being bottled.


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The Producer

Russian Standard Vodka

Russian Standard Vodka

Made in Russia using 100% Russian ingredients, Russian Standard Vodka was founded in 1998, but its roots go back much further. Now available in four different expressions, this brand takes pride in its quest for perfection.

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super vodka
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Russian Standard Platinum 1L

5 /5

Good enough to drink neat on the rocks or with your favourite mixer.
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