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Russian Standard 1L

Russian Standard Vodka (Vodka)

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The name of Russian Standard 1L is pretty much self-explanatory: this product sets the quality standards in Russia, one of the most competitive and demanding markets when it comes to this spirit. Their recipe is the combination of a traditional Russian know-how and the access to premium ingredients. Indeed, from its home base in Saint-Petersburg, this distillery has access to Lake Ladoga's crystalline water and winter wheat from the Russian steps. This explains Russian Standard 1L 's success.

Technical sheet · Russian Standard

Category:Vodka (Spirits)
Producer: Russian Standard Vodka
Volume: 100cl Other volumes
Alcohol Vol.: 40%
Country: Russia
Number Of Distillations: 4 Distillation

Description · Russian Standard Vodka

Russian Standard 1L


  • Colour: Clear and translucent, Russian Standard 1L has the typical appearance of pure vodka.
  • Aroma: The odourless nature of vodka is disturbed by the wonderful and subtle aromas of freshly baked bread.
  • Taste: Full body and a round structure. Refreshing flavours of natural wheat and spicy pepper. The finish is long, with a strong alcoholic aftertaste.

PRODUCER: Russian Standard.

COUNTRY: Russia.

PRODUCTION DETAILS: True vodka as it was first conceived, this liqueur is the result of the expertise of the most skillful artisans and the careful and dedicated selection of the finest ingredients. The purest water from Lake Ladoga, known for having glacial origin and very few impurities, and the finest Russian winter wheat, harvested solely in the black soils of the Russian Steppes are the prime matter for this premium vodka. The spirit is brought to life in a modern facility, where it is meticulously distilled over 200 times to obtain a pure elixir, worthy of the vodka denomination. With a smooth character, this expression conveys the true desire of creating a pure, traditional, and classical Russian vodka as it was intended. Try it neat as a sipping drink, or mix it with your favourite ingredients to create wonderful cocktails.


Russian Standard Vodka

Made in Russia using 100% Russian ingredients, Russian Standard Vodka was founded in 1998, but its roots go back much further. Now available in four different expressions, this brand takes pride in its quest for perfection. History Roustam Tariko founded Russian Standard in 1998. His goal was to...

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Highlighted review about Russian Standard 1L


Posted on at 10.59


Russian Standard 1L

Vodka Russian Standard vodka is a classic because of its distinguished origins hand Mendeleev professor who made a formula to obtain a product of absolute authenticity and purity. Its peculiar bottling is inspired by the bell 200 tonnes commissioned Anna I and is located at the foot of the Ivan the Great Bell Tower in Mosco.
Russian Standard is acclaimed by all Russians as the best premium vodka in the country because of its pure flavor that keeps the wheat flavor characteristic of traditional Russian vodka.
Russian Standard Vodka is ideal for very cold alone or combined for the preparation of various cocktails.

View: It presents a clear and clean color.
Nose: Classic and complex. Hints of freshly baked bread and spicy notes.
Palate: intense and prolonged, with hints of wheat and pepper flavor.
Russian Vodka Alcohol Standard: 40 degrees

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Posted on at 15.16

5 /5

Mary Wilson

Posted on at 16.38

4 /5

- Color: % 1 is transparent
- Odour: exquisite fresh anise and vanilla aromas are detected, and notes of ripe pepper grains.
- Mouth: In the mouth slightly delicious creamy aniseed and vanilla and its balance between sweetness and tones dry, with notes of ripe grain and spices.
WINEMAKING: obtained by triple distillation of wheat grain alcohol with the addition of water from the glacier lake Ladoga, charcoal filtration, in the words of Dmitri Mendeleev in 1894.
CELLAR: Russian Standard

Posted on at 13.34

4 /5

Vodka Russian Standard 1L

Russian Standard as it should be - Russian Standard is a real premium vodka with the finest glacial water

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