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Russian Standard


Russian Standard

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Russian Standard is, as the name says, a Russian brand of vodka that has been pleasing the world since its release in 1998. The brand draws its recipe from the standard first put into law by Tsar Alexander III. In 1894, this law cemented the perfect balance between water and alcohol based on the ratio discovered by Professor Dmitri Mendeleev. It is that philosophy of perfection that lies behind every product made by Russian Standard. Perfection will never be a bad goalpost to aim for.

The traditional methods of vodka production are matched with state-of-the-art techniques to craft a line of vodkas that is exceedingly pure and delicious. Pure glacial water from Lake Lagoda is in all of the products that Russian Standard produces. The Russian Steppes provide the winter wheat that, once mixed with the naturally soft water, goes through a special distillation process. This process distils the spirit more than 200 times, leaving behind an ultra-smooth and ultra-clean premium vodka that is simply delicious.

There is no pleasure quite like that of enjoying a vodka that has been made with passion and expertise. That is exactly what Russian Standard offers. Russian Standard Vodka can be drunk chilled and neat or mixed with any mixers you like.

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Technical sheet

Category:Vodka (Spirits)
Producer: Russian Standard Vodka
Volume: 70cl Other volumes
Alcohol Vol.: 40%
Country: Russia
Type Of Vodka: Neutral
Number Of Distillations: 3 Distillations

Description of Russian Standard

Russian Standard


  • Colour: This is a transparent, crystal clear spirit.
  • Aroma: It has a wheat-dominated, very clean aromatic profile with some sweet notes and no off-notes of rubbing alcohol, which clearly shows that the distillation was done with special care and this is a high-quality spirit.
  • Taste: Notes of wheat bread, toast and a very sweet and creamy character. The finish is long and a bit spicy.

PRODUCER: Russian Standard is a vodka brand created in 1998 by the company of the same name, owned by Roustam Tariko. It was established to be one of the top-quality vodka brands in the Russian market. Only two years after it became one of Russia's favourite vodkas, the product was launched on the international market. Great success on both the domestic and international market created a need for a new distillery, which was opened in 2006. The company launched two more brands called Russian Standard Platinum and Russian Standard Gold which both are just as successful as Russian Standard Original.


PRODUCTION DETAILS: Russian Standard is made using winter wheat from Russian steppes, which is milled and after that fermented four times. The spirit is then diluted using glacial water from Lake Ladoga. Before bottling the distillate is filtered.


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The Producer

Russian Standard Vodka

Russian Standard Vodka

Made in Russia using 100% Russian ingredients, Russian Standard Vodka was founded in 1998, but its roots go back much further. Now available in four different expressions, this brand takes pride in its quest for perfection.

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Très bonne vodka à boire seule ou en cocktail. Trés fruitée
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Vodka Russian Standard

4 /5

- Russky Standart is a genuine vodka, which is distilled to the Tsar's premium quality standard established in 1894.
- By bringing together traditional manufacturing processes and state of the art technology, they have been able to revive a recipe that their forbears took pride in. Russky Standart owes its quality to selected golden grains of wheat from Russia's heartlands and pure glacier water from the frozen North. It's distillation is a painstaking and costly process that demands exceptional control and expertise.
- Only through the passion and dedication of their distillers, have they been able to recreate the true 'Russky Standart'.
- Vodka with a superbly smooth taste and of a quality unchanged for over a century.
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Russian Standard Original

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