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Roberto Cavalli (Vodka)

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Roberto Cavalli Night Edition

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  • 4 /5
Alcohol: 40, 0
Country: Italy
Contents: 0, 70 l
Roberto Cavalli Vodka is a masterpiece of taste. Sophisticated, elegant, dedicated to the most discerning palates, this vodka was created in the name of tradition and Italian excellence in the distillation. It is obtained with the best selection of wheat grown in the valleys where the South Western Alps meet the Po. One type of soft wheat that, thanks to a higher content of A-type starch, in the form converts pure sucrose and makes the distilled alcohol cleaner and enveloping. The water used in the dilution process flows directly from the slopes of Monte Rosa, with low natural content of minerals, gives the vodka's exceptional quality. The alcohol is distilled with care until you have a perfect taste. Four columns are used for the first phase, while a special full copper container the procedure to reach the absolute purity. In addition to the typical cellulose panels, the filtration process uses a particular marble dust, which is important to ensure the right level of PH to the finished product. The bottling in small batches also enhances its exclusive character. The resulting taste is unique, very clean, with neutral flavor and a touch of cream and citrus peel. The entrance in the mouth is round and very soft, prelude to a dry flavor and crystalline. The medium-full body reveals a delicate bouquet of sweet pudding and spicy notes, which flows into long creamy finish ore.

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