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The vodka, Nordés Vodka (£0.97), is produced by Atlantic Galician Spirits with origins in Spain with an alcoholic strength of 40%. Drinks&Co users give this Nordés Vodka 3,9 of 5 points.
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Nordés Vodka is a highly pure, potato-based vodka, cultivated in their fields, distilled only three times to preserve its personality, slowly, taking their time, in their copper buds, in the Respect for traditions and local heritage. Nordés Vodka is a story of Galician people about humility, passion, hope ... All in great doses ... Balance, complexity, nobility and generosity, lots of generosity.

Technical sheet · Nordés Vodka

Category:Vodka (Spirits)
Producer: Atlantic Galician Spirits
Volume: 70cl
Alcohol Vol.: 40%
Country: Spain

Description · Atlantic Galician Spirits

Nordés Vodka


  • View: Nordés Vodka is colorless.
  • Nose: Powerful flavors, candied fruits.
  • Mouth: Mouth of basic cereals, potato.

ALCOHOL: 40% Vol


Atlantic Galician Spirits

Nordés Gin is a famous brand of gin from Galicia, Spain. The producers like to see themselves as Galician by birth and by conviction. They consider themselves to be artisans by tradition and principles. Moreover, they only use high-quality Galician products and work tirelessly to find the ideal...

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Highlighted review about Nordés Vodka

Posted on at 13.47


Nordés Vodka

Color is colorless
powerful smell scents, candied fruit
Flavor base cereal, potato.
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Posted on at 10.14

4 /5

good new gin but a little disappointing in taste, was hoping for something similar to the gin
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Posted on at 16.11

4 /5

TASTING NOTES:View: Nordés Vodka is colorless.Nose: Powerful flavors, candied fruits.Mouth: Mouth of basic cereals, potato.ALCOHOL: 40% VolCOUNTRY: Spain
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Posted on at 05.23

4 /5

It is spotless

Posted on at 10.59

4 /5

This Gallego vodka, is made by careful distillation triple potato Limia Galicia, to which is added -in brandies Galicia, where elabora- enzymes to convert starch into sugar and yeast to ferment....
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Posted on at 17.33

4 /5

70cl bottle of vodka with an alcohol content of 40 °.
It is a Gallego vodka obtained from the Kennebec and Agria potatoes. It is distilled three times in a copper.
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Posted on at 09.04

4 /5

- DETAILS OF PREPARATION: Potato Vodka with presence of two varietals Galician (Kennebec and Agria) that give it its characteristic aroma. It is subjected to three distillations for a high purity...
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Posted on at 13.48

4 /5

Nordés Nordes VODKA Vodka is distilled two Agria and Kennebec potatoes, variety typical of Galicia. These varieties were chosen by the presence of more of starch, which favors the process of...
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Posted on at 12.57

4 /5

Vodka is a vodka Nordés of Spanish origin, produced in Galicia Galician Atlantic Spirits.

This vodka is made from potato from Galician, as the traditional Polish vodkas, but in this case with the...
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Posted on at 05.03

4 /5

Serv. C:, Alc. 40.0%
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Posted on at 13.00

4 /5

Vodka Nordes

Spanish production (Galicia)
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