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Nordés Vodka


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Nordés Vodka is a highly pure, potato-based vodka, cultivated in their fields, distilled only three times to preserve its personality, slowly, taking their time, in their copper buds, in the Respect for traditions and local heritage. Nordés Vodka is a story of Galician people about humility, passion, hope ... All in great doses ... Balance, complexity, nobility and generosity, lots of generosity.

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Technical sheet

Category:Vodka (Spirits)
Producer: Atlantic Galician Spirits
Volume: 70cl
Alcohol Vol.: 40%
Country: Spain

Description of Nordés Vodka

Nordés Vodka


  • Colour: Nordés Vodka is bright and crystal clear.
  • Aroma: A breath of wind, clean and crisp, with a subtle seagrass note.
  • Taste: Smooth and cool, with a hint of fruitiness and minerality, and a dry finish that lingers.

PRODUCER: Atlantic Galician Spirits is both a brand and a distillery, started by a restaurateur and a winemaker who wanted to craft a gin which would represent and pay tribute to the Spanish region of Galicia. The company selects locally-sourced ingredients and produces its spirits in Galicia itself. It is owned by the privately-held Spanish food and beverages company The Osborne Group.


PRODUCTION DETAILS: Nordés Vodka uses potatoes from Xinzo de Limia in Galicia, located in the northwest of Spain. The region is exposed on two sides to the weathers of the Atlantic Ocean. Triple-distilled in copper stills, this unflavoured vodka captures the essence of the Galician coasts, like dune grasses on a brisk day. Open the deep blue bottle with its clever and modern world map decoration, and you will experience the pure spirit that can be crafted from the humble spud; there are as many as 15 used for each bottle of Nordés Vodka. Whether enjoyed neat or in your favourite cocktail, you will taste the cleansing waft of the Nordésia northwest trade winds Nordés Vodka is named for, which are said to bring good weather and good luck.


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The Producer

Atlantic Galician Spirits

Atlantic Galician Spirits

Nordés Gin is a famous brand of gin from Galicia, Spain. The producers like to see themselves as Galician by birth and by conviction. They consider themselves to be artisans by tradition and principles. Moreover, they only use high-quality Galician products and work tirelessly to find the ideal way to deliver beverages with a unique personality, a noble and sensitive character, as well as an appealing and elegant expression.

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