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Moskovskaya (Vodka)

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Moskovskaya , whose names means "Moscow vodka", is one of the oldest brands of Russian vodka. It was first created by the Vodka Monopoly of the Russian Empire in 1894. In 1910, Moskovskaya received the designation of "Osobennaya", meaning special, from the Emperor. Its recipe was patented by the Russian government and Russian soldiers were even given bottles of Moskovskaya to celebrate the end of WWII during their parade through the Red Square.

This vodka has been produced in the same facility since 1900 and is made using only traditional ingredients in the classic Russian method. They take the finest grain and blend it with purified water, allowing the mixture to ferment for three days. Afterwards, the liquid is triple-distilled to offer consumers the purest vodka possible. There is no fuss in a recipe this simple, just vodka. The triple filtration using quartz sand, charcoal, and quartz sand again, results in a satisfying vodka with character.

Vodka, in Russian, is the diminutive form of voda, meaning water. Enjoy this little water however you see fit. Moskovskaya vodka is best enjoyed simply, either chilled or on the rocks. Try it with the classic vodka pairings such as blinis and caviar to get a taste of what has been and continues to remain perfect since 1894.

Technical sheet · Moskovskaya

Category:Vodka (Spirits)
Producer: Moskovskaya
Volume: 70cl Other volumes
1L, 50cl and 75cl
Alcohol Vol.: 40%
Country: Russia
Consumption Temp.: 6-8ºC

Description · Moskovskaya



  • Color: It is a colorless, crystalline aspect.
  • Flavour: Impeccable white pepper aromas mixed with hints of anise and a hint of peppermint oil.
  • Taste: Its entrance is smooth with a creamy texture and slightly sweet flavor bread. On the palate evolves the freshness of mint, which extends along with exquisite notes of anise perceived in nose and black pepper.

PRODUCER: Moskovskaya. This brand was created in 1894 by the Russian Empire, which had a monopoly on vodka production for commercial purposes. By decree the construction of a production of the drink, which was inaugurated in 1900 and where it is still manufactured ordered. At present this brand belongs to the Russian conglomerate Soyuzplodoimport.

COUNTRY: Russia.

PRODUCTION DETAILS: Moskovskaya is a vodka produced from a Russian classical processing method using very traditional ingredients. Initially the best wheat grains are selected to give it that great character that identifies, mixed with purified water from artesian well and allowed to ferment at a steady pace for three days. Then the mixture is subjected to distillation to obtain a triple strong drink and purity unsurpassed. Once you finished this process, following Russian standards, is carefully added an exact amount of purified water to filter the beverage in three stages: first quartz sand is used, then activated carbon and finally refiltered with quartz sand.



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Highlighted review about Moskovskaya

Vino Premier

Posted on at 09.29



Vodka Vodka Moskovskaya Moskovskaya is one of the first Russian brands of vodka, created in 1894 by the Russian state, the famous Russian chemist Dmitri Mendeleev established that the best alcoholic strength for vodka are 40 degrees, and that was how he created the formula Moskovskaya vodka. This formula for making Moskovskaya vodka is part of the National Treasury of Russia. Its production was interrupted after the prohibition imposed at the beginning of the First World War. The Moskovskaya vodka has been recognized for its green label through history. If you have questions when buying Vodka Moskovskaya, please contact our sommelier and advise you without obligation.

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Posted on at 12.40

5 /5

exellent vodka. love it, great price, the best around. will be back.

Posted on at 07.05

5 /5

Tony Norris

Posted on at 10.01

5 /5

My favourite vodka very hard to get hold of, not available in UK.
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