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Mamont Vodka


Mamont Vodka

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The first thing that you will need to know when looking at a bottle of Mamont Vodka is that the bottle is shaped like the tusk of the Yukagir mammoth. Discovered in 2003, this frozen, fully-intact mammoth was found thanks to its tusk sticking out through the ice. This bottle is definitely like none other, with its attractive frosted glass and golden cap with the mountains of Siberia etched into the side.

Mamont Vodka is produced in the oldest distillery in Siberia, which was founded back in 1868. Even though the distillery is old, the technology is new and is undergoing continuous improvement to ensure that the vodka produced is of the highest quality. To that end, only natural locally-sourced ingredients are used to make this exquisite vodka. Artesian well water, which has worked its way through volcanic rock, and white winter wheat are distilled six times before being filtered through local Siberian silver birch charcoal. The final touch is the addition of a small amount of cedar nut spirit.

This crystal clear, 100% Siberian vodka is one of a kind. The craftsmanship and the purity of the ingredients are exceptional, resulting in a smooth, delicate, and rich vodka that is as unique as its bottle.

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Technical sheet

Category:Vodka (Spirits)
Producer: Mamont Vodka
Volume: 70cl Other volumes
50cl, 1L and 50ml
Alcohol Vol.: 40%
Country: Russia

Description of Mamont Vodka

Mamont Vodka


  • Colour: Transparent.
  • Flavour: Fruity, floral and spicy aromas with a touch of peat.
  • Taste: Fresh and balanced, aromatic essences are enhanced.


COUNTRY: Russia.

PRODUCTION DETAILS: Mamont is a vodka produced in small batches, by hand, using traditional Russian methods.

PAIRING: Delicious with caviar or smoked salmon on toast.


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Reviews of Mamont Vodka

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4 /5

- Crystal-clear Mamont is like no other vodka. Outstandingly smooth, delicate and rich toned, its secret lies in uniquely Siberian ingredients and craftsmanship.
- Production begins with exceptionally pure water from Siberian artesian wells, filtered through layers of volcanic rock. Grains of finest local wheat are carefully selected. These are painstakingly distilled again and again. A unique treatment with Siberian birch charcoal and triple filtration allow the vodka to achieve a purity, clarity and smoothness close to perfection.
- As a special touch, cedar nuts are added as they used to be eaten by the mammoths who roamed the area. Today, like the unique tusk-shaped bottle, they are a reminder of Mamont's Siberian heritage.
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Mamont Siberian Wheat Vodka

4 /5


  • Couleur : Crystal.
  • Odeur : rond, parfumé, très épicé (genévrier, le cumin, l'anis étoilé, poivre), de réglisse, d'amande douce et de fruits frais (abricot, fraise). Ensuite, floral (lilas, violet), empireumático (sapin, cyprès) et nuageux (sol humide).
  • Goût : vif, vif, frais et équilibré, lisse texture, même laiteuse. des notes de poivre et de vanille.


PAYS : Russie.

ÉLABORATION : à base de blé, est préparé selon les méthodes traditionnelles de Russie Cuvées petits ingrédients organiques et on distille cinq fois et ensuite filtré à travers du charbon de bois de bouleau de Sibérie, contenant des ions d'argent. Son blé d'hiver sibérien, la pureté de l'eau de source artésienne de l'Altaï.


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4 /5


  • Farbe: Crystal.
  • Geruch: rund, aromatisch, sehr würzig (Wacholder, Kümmel, Sternanis, Pfeffer), Lakritze, süße Mandeln und frische Früchte (Aprikose, Erdbeere). Dann Blumen (lila, violett), empireumático (Tanne, Zypressen) und trübe (feuchte Erde).
  • Geschmack: klar, knackig, frisch und ausgewogen, glatte Textur, auch milchig. Noten von Pfeffer und Vanille.


LAND: Russland.

HERSTELLUNG: aus Weizen hergestellt werden, hergestellt nach herkömmlichen Methoden Russian Cuvées kleine organische Bestandteile und destillierte fünfmal und dann durch charcoal sibirische birch filtriert, die Silberionen enthalten. Seine sibirischen Winterweizen, die Reinheit von Wasser aus artesischen Brunnen von Altai.


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