Limoncello Di Fiorito 50cl

50cl Volume

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Category:Vodka (Spirits)
Producer: Fiorito
Volume: 50cl Other volumes
Alcohol Vol.: 31%
Country: Netherlands
It's the brand Fiorito which produces the Limoncello Di Fiorito 50cl , a vodka with origins in Netherlands with an alcohol content of 31%. According to Drinks&Co users, the Limoncello Di Fiorito 50cl deserves an evaluation of 4 of 5 points.

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Limoncello Di Fiorito 50cl

Brand: Fiorito

Category: Vodka

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4 /5

Limoncello di FioritoWe’ve always had a soft spot for limoncello. Unfortunately, the limoncello we tasted here often left a burning aftertaste. That was until we visited our family in Sicily in 2007. It is on this Italian island where our roots lie, but also those of Limoncello di Fiorito. During this same trip to Sicily we got our first taste of the original handmade Italian limoncello, and we were instantly hooked. It was handmade from 100% natural lemons, which gave it its mild flavor. This mild taste was literally a breath of fresh air.
With this traditional family recipe now in our pockets, we headed back home where we proceeded to make this fabulous drink ourselves. Into the kitchen we went, where we simply started peeling the lemons. We merely began making it as a digestive, to be enjoyed after dinner with friends. Soon however, the demand for our limoncello outgrew our supply and the kitchen had to be replaced by Herman Jansen & Sons BV distillery. In no time at all, Limoncello di Fiorito was a fact. For several years now, the distillery has been producing our limoncello according to the same old traditional family recipe. Our 100% natural lemons are still hand-peeled, as only then can we continue to preserve that essential mild taste.
Today our limoncello is served in various bars and restaurants. A range of excellent restaurants have even exchanged their own homemade limoncello for ours. One could not wish for a greater compliment. In 2011 we won the silver medal at the prestigious International Wine and Spirit Competition in London, a fantastic reward fitting the quality of our product.


Limoncello Superiore - Italian lemon liquor of the highest quality
Fiorito qualifies as a 'Limoncello Superiore'. This means that this lemon liquor meets the highest international quality standards for limoncello. Please find a short outline of the most important requirements below:
Limoncello Superiore is made with:

•Only 100% natural lemons
•More than 300 grams of lemons per liter
•Solely hand peeled lemons
•Less than 250 grams of sugar per liter
•And an alcohol percentage between 30-32% 

Limoncello Superiore is an international hallmark developed by producers of limoncello. Limoncello bottles with the hallmark Limoncello Superiore contain a premium limoncello with a guaranteed quality. 
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