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Kavka Vodka


Kavka Vodka

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Technical sheet

Category:Vodka (Spirits)
Producer: Kavka
Volume: 70cl
Alcohol Vol.: 40%
Country: Poland
The Kavka Vodka (£30.49) is a vodka produced by Kavka with origins in Poland with an alcohol strength of 40%. Rated with 4 of 5 points according to Drinks&Co's users.

Description of Kavka Vodka

Kavka Vodka


  • Transparent color.
  • Flavour: A mixture of brandy rye and wheat, along with small amounts of apple brandy and aged plum.
  • Taste: Notes of fresh and ripe apples, rich nuts, then honey with an underlying layer of rye bread. The palate has the freshness of lemon with hints of orange marmalade.

PRODUCER: Urszula Wojcik, Kavka.Poland.

PRODUCTION DETAILS: First a liquid is produced by fermentation of sugars obtained using the juice starch main ingredients, in a process that can have a duration of two days; second wort it obtained becomes distilled in copper stills and steel where obtain a substantially colorless, odorless liquid.


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Reviews of Kavka Vodka


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4 /5

A classic style of Polish Vodka with a big confident character. Using traditional production methods from the 18th and 19th centuries, Kavka Vodka has a great depth of flavour, character and complexity. Try it neat, or with your favourite mixer with loads of ice.
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4 /5

- Made using production techniques from the 18th century that were famed for making the best spirits. Small quantities of aged Plum and Apple spirits are added to superior Rye and Wheat spirit. It remains a plain vodka but the addition of the fruit spirits give Kavka a depth of flavour and complexity rarely found in modern-day vodkas.
- Palate: Elegant, indulgent mouthfeel. A light richness emerges then intensifies into a lemon freshness with orange marmalade notes. Followed by creaminess with grain and rye bread notes. All emerging into a finale of luscious, rich-dry flavour.
- Finish: Rich-dry balance, with emerging fruit notes of apples and prunes.
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