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Eristoff vodka was first created by the Eristhavi family in 1806, in what is now the country of Georgia. Their secret recipe was passed down through the generations. The brand is now owned by Bacardi Limited and makes up part of their exciting portfolio of brands. As Georgia is known as the "Land of the Wolf," it makes sense that this vodka with Georgian roots is also branded with a wolf howling at the crescent moon.

This vodka is still made using the original recipe from 1806 along with techniques perfected in 18th century Russia. Eristoff vodka begins with a base of 100% pure grain, which is specially selected to contain the perfect amount of moisture to make a high-quality spirit. This grain is then distilled with demineralised water in a three-step process to achieve maximum purity. The final product is charcoal-filtered to result in an extremely smooth vodka that is both crisp and clean.

You can enjoy Eristoff vodka neat, on the rocks, or mixed into any cocktail that you would like. Reach out to your wild side and to the wolf inside by trying this delicious classic vodka. Like the playful wolf itself, Eristoff vodka is best enjoyed at night.

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Technical sheet

Category:Vodka (Spirits)
Producer: Bacardi Martini Production
Volume: 70cl Other volumes
1L and 2L
Alcohol Vol.: 37.5%
Country: Georgia

Description of Eristoff



  • Colour: Chrystal clear white.
  • Aroma: Crisp hints of glacier ice, lime, and winter grains fill the senses with a cool elixir to bring heat amongst Russia's cold winter.
  • Taste: A dry taste thanks to the limited addition of moisture. Such care allows the refined wheat flavours to unmask themselves. The vodka maintains a clean taste that, despite the wolf logo, doesn't bite too hard. The crisp initial taste doesn't leave a long finish but keeps a noticeable freshness in the mouth after being drunk.

PRODUCER: The vodka was first created in 1806 by the Eristhavi family. They were a family of nobles who reigned over the Land of the Wolf, or the "Virshan" region. It's for this symbol of heritage and legacy that the bottle still features the head of a howling wolf. To give honour to the ones who first crafted the liquor.


PRODUCTION DETAILS: Made from 100% grains. Only minimal moisture is allowed in the concentration, helping to produce the clean, dry taste. The vodka is distilled with demineralized water to keep extra impurities out of the product. The final step in distillation is charcoal filtering, which helps to cleanse out ensure a clean, crisp, and well-filtered taste. This vodka is a great mixer in fruity cocktails and limey tonics. Sizzle up the cold by adding to a fizzy lemonade. For the extra bold, take as a shot with lemon. Instead of salt, lick a bit of sugar beforehand to smoothen the bite.


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The Producer

Bacardi Martini Production

Bacardi Martini Production

The Bacardi Limited story is a peculiar one. Indeed, when Facundo Bacardí Massó left the little town of Sitges, Catalonia, at the beginning of the 19th century, little did he know that he would end up creating one of the largest spirits company in the world.

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great price great time A++++++++
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4 /5

- Eristoff original is a triple distilled premium vodka made from 100% pure grain and based on Prince Eristoff's original personal recipe of 1806.
- It is an exceptionally pure spirit that can be drunk neat or with a variety of mixers.
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Eristoff Original

3.5 /5

Le Vodka Eristoff est une boisson puissant parfait pour se combiner avec des sodas
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Vodka Eristoff

5 /5

La dernière fois que je l'ai goûtée, on nous l'a servie à un mariage. C'était mouvementé !
Mais je connais cette vodka depuis mon adolescence, comme beaucoup...
Elle est évidemment transparente. Arômes d'agrumes. Elle est bien en cocktail, mais également puissante avec des glaçons pour les plus valeureux...
Personnellement, je l'achète à ma boutique habituelle. Il me semble qu'on la trouve partout.
Meilleure que toute autre vodka.
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La meilleure vodka !

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