Crystal Head Vodka Pride Limited Edition


Crystal Head Vodka Pride Limited Edition

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Technical sheet

Category:Vodka (Spirits)
Producer: Crystal Head
Volume: 70cl
Alcohol Vol.: 40%
Country: Canada
Crystal Head presents us the Crystal Head Vodka Pride Limited Edition (£43.90), a vodka with roots in Canada with an alcohol strength of 40%.

Description of Crystal Head Vodka Pride Limited Edition

Crystal Head Vodka Pride Limited Edition


  • Color: The Color evokes feelings and has a direct link with creative thinking, and this beautiful rainbow shining bottle; reflecting every color of the spectrum in celebration of equality and diversity. Inspired by the crystal skulls of the Aztec era, ever they said they had mystical powers.
  • Aroma: Smooth as silk with a touch of sweetness and vanilla.
  • Taste: A spicy flavor, Crystal Head contains no additives. Without glycerol, citrus oils or sugars.

PRODUCER: Crystal Head.

COUNTRY: Canada.

PRODUCTION DETAILS: Peaches and cream corn highest quality distilled four times in a neutral grain spirit and blended with pristine water of Newfoundland, Canada. The liquid is filtered seven times, three of which are through crystal layers known as semiprecious Herkimer diamonds.


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The Producer

Crystal Head

Crystal Head

Crystal Head is a Canadian brand of vodka. Though relatively young, this brand has only been gaining in popularity since its release. Its eye-catching, unorthodox bottle may be part of the draw, but the premium vodka within the bottle also helps. Crystal Head is proud to offer a vodka to the world that has no additives or flavours. It is nothing but pure vodka made with passion.

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