Crystal Head Vodka Jéroboam 3L


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Technical sheet

Category:Vodka (Spirits)
Producer: Crystal Head
Volume: 300cl
Country: Canada
The Crystal Head Vodka Jéroboam 3L (£153.40) is a vodka made by Crystal Head with roots in Canada.

Description of Crystal Head Vodka Jéroboam 3L

Crystal Head Vodka Jéroboam 3L


  • Color: Crystal.
  • Aroma: sweet and light in the nose and hints of soft vanilla.
  • Taste: lightly kicked the beginning, but then, much smoother. A spicy pinch the end, a long mouthfeel.

PRODUCER: Crystal Head.

COUNTRY: Canada.

PRODUCTION DETAILS: best corn variety "Peaches & Cream" is distilled four times and then mixed with pure water of the world obtained in the Canadian city of St. Johns, directly from Glacier Newfoundland. It was then filtered three times by passing through activated carbon filters to remove any impurities and then filtered three times through quartz semiprecious 10,000 crystals, called diamond Herkimer. Finally it makes a microfiltration just before bottling.


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The Producer

Crystal Head

Crystal Head

Crystal Head is a Canadian brand of vodka. Though relatively young, this brand has only been gaining in popularity since its release. Its eye-catching, unorthodox bottle may be part of the draw, but the premium vodka within the bottle also helps. Crystal Head is proud to offer a vodka to the world that has no additives or flavours. It is nothing but pure vodka made with passion.

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