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Belvedere Single Estate Rye Lake Bartężek


Belvedere Single Estate Rye Lake Bartężek

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Technical sheet

Category:Vodka (Spirits)
Producer: Polmos Zyrardow Distillery
Volume: 70cl
Alcohol Vol.: 40%
Country: Poland
Type Of Vodka: Neutral
The Belvedere Single Estate Rye Lake Bartężek (£44.14): a Neutral produced by Polmos Zyrardow Distillery with roots in Poland with an alcoholic level of 40%.

Description of Belvedere Single Estate Rye Lake Bartężek

Belvedere Single Estate Rye Lake Bartężek


  • Light color.
  • Flavour: promising and fragrant notes of freshly cut grasses and rye and a touch of almond.
  • Taste: medium body and delicate, with hints of mint and fresh hay and a hint of biscuit. fresh and elegant finish, lingering notes of menthol, freshly cut grass and rye bread.

PRODUCER: Belvedere.


PRODUCTION DETAILS: made from rye grown on a single farm on the shores of Lake Bartezek.


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The Producer

Polmos Zyrardow Distillery

Polmos Zyrardow Distillery

Located in Zyrardów, a small town between busy Warsaw and industrial Łódź, the Polmos Distillery was created in the beginning of the 20th century. Until World War II, the company was a jewel of vodka-making technology and the proud embodiment of centuries of Polish tradition. Under the communist regime, the distillery was nationalised but continued to produce vodkas such as Wyborowa, Zubrowka and Luksusowa without achieving the same level of fame.

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2018: Chairman’s Trophy Winner - Ultimate Spirits Challenge

Reviews of Belvedere Single Estate Rye Lake Bartężek


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4 /5

Belvedere was the first to set a new quality standard for vodka with the launch of the brand in 1993. Belvedere is produced in one of the world's longest-operating Polish distilleries - vodka has been made since 1910. Belvedere is 100% natural, made from Polska rye and pure water from its own source, without any addition of flavors, colors, flavors or sugar. The vodka is structured, elegant and beautifully balanced, with a subtle natural sweetness, a velvety, rich mouthfeel and a smooth, clean finish. Belvedere is the first super-premium vodka that stands for taste and character.

Lake Bartężek is fresh and delicate, like the thousands of calm, icy lakes that are so characteristic of the region. Lake Bartężek, together with Smogóry Forest, forms the Belvedere Single Estate Rye Series, an innovative series with two distinctive qualities. Named after their village of origin, these vodkas capture the essence of their unique single estate origins in taste.

Lake Bartężek is distilled from Dankowskie Diamond rye in the northern Polish Mazury area with its crystal clear lakes. The soil consists of post-glacial clay and is rich in phosphorus and potassium. Baltic winds and long, snowy winters bury the rye under snow for more than 80 days. This growth challenge gives the rye special flavor potential. All rye for the vodka comes from the independent estate of Jan Skwieraski. Lake Bartężek has a nuanced,
round and fresh taste.

In the glass, the Belvedere Lake Bartezek Vodka is translucent like water with clear and fragrant ones in the nose of freshly cut rye, grass and a touch of
almond This Gin from the top range of Belvedere is medium bodied on the palate with delicate notes of mint, fresh hay and a hint of biscuit. Clean and crisp in the aftertaste with lingering notes of menthol, grass and condiments. This vodka can be drunk with ice or in elegant, fresh cocktails.

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4 /5

Le origini costruiscono il carattere.   Realizzata con rara Diamond Dankowskie Rye da una singola tenuta situata sulle rive del lago Bartężek nel distretto dei laghi della Masuria in Polonia, questa vodka estremamente delicata e floreale riflette il terroir unico della sua tenuta. Gli inverni nevosi e freddi sottolineano la segale e sviluppano il carattere delicato e raffinato della vodka, che ricorda più i laghi calmi della regione che il clima rigido. La serie Belvedere Single Estate Rye celebra l'artigianalità e la competenza di Belvedere nella distillazione della vodka, nonché la sua capacità di produrre vodka di carattere complesso.
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Belvedere Single Estate Lake Bartezek Rye Vodka

4 /5

Belvedere est une référence incontournable dans le segment des vodkas de luxe. La marque Belvedere est née dans la petite ville de Zyrardów située au centre de la Pologne. Sa légende s'est bâtie entre les murs vénérables d'une distillerie légendaire.
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Belvedere Lake Bartezek

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