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Balkan Vodka 176


Balkan Vodka 176

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Capital Wine & Spirit International, the London-based company now run by the fifth generation of the Sklar family, knows the world of strong alcohols inside out. In August 2000, it launched a vodka that was highly acclaimed for its powerful 88% alcohol content. Balkan 176 vodka is made from high quality grains (5 cereals) harvested in the mountains of Serbia. The production phase takes place in Poland, in small quantities, in an artisanal way, with triple distillation and at all stages of production, a requirement of excellence without concession. Coming from the East of the European continent, Balkan 176 is surely the most powerful vodka available on the British market.

Naturally, it is not intended to be drunk neat, although a sample can be tasted to see that beyond its exceptional strength, Balkan 176 vodka is strikingly fine and reaches a surprisingly high aromatic level. The packaging contains no less than thirteen health warnings to reason with the unwary consumer.

176 Balkan Vodka will reach its full potential when mixed with fruit juices or tonic water and above all when dynamizing many cocktails. Some mixology specialists have described Balkan 176 Vodka as "supercharger ", which says enough about the strength of its energy.

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Technical sheet

Category:Vodka (Spirits)
Producer: Balkan Distillery
Volume: 70cl Other volumes
Alcohol Vol.: 88%
Country: Serbia

Description of Balkan Vodka 176

Balkan Vodka 176


  • Colour: Balkan Vodka 176 has the clear, transparent appearance of a classic vodka.
  • Aroma: Classic odourless nature, with a strong alcoholic essence.
  • Taste: Smooth on the mouth, with the fiery aftertaste characteristic of vodka.


COUNTRY: Balkan Mountains, Serbia.

PRODUCTION DETAILS: From the Balkan Mountains comes this triple-distilled, deluxe vodka, produced from the finest grain. Balkan Vodka 176 is a super strength vodka, leading the market at an ABV of 88%. Handcrafted in small batches in Serbia and imported from Bulgaria, this vodka has become widely popular, particularly in South America, in part thanks to the smoothness of its taste despite the high alcoholic content. But do not be fooled, a single shot is enough to dull your senses till the very next day. In fact, the vintage label printed on this bottle comes with thirteen different health warnings, including one in Braille! The unexpected smooth flavour and quality of this liquor is a true testament of the distillation skill and dedication of the craftsmen entrusted with this task. But for the vodka fanatics around the world, this is the perfect drink to be used in cocktail recipes, or to be enjoyed with a splash of citrus juice. A true vodka for the fans of the genuine.


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Reviews of Balkan Vodka 176


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Clairement la première fois que je l'ai commandé c'était avec un lot d'autre alcool à très haut taux d'alcool pour une soirée d'enterrement de vie de garçon. On a commencé direct pur avec la vodka balkan 176 et un verre d'eau à côté. Je fut excessivement étonné de son niveau aromatique. Je m'attendais à un goût d'alcool très fort hors au final c'est un goût subtil de céréales et de métaux qui ont bouleversé mon palets.

Aujourd'hui je ne prend presque plus que cette vodka (à faible dose) et même si c'est un peu du gâchis elle se marie très bien en cocktail.

Donc si je devais résumé amateurs d'alcool fort n'ayez pas peur de son taux d'alcool et laissez vous surprendre par sa finesse quasi artisanale.
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Légende vivante de la vodka

4 /5

- Imported from the Balkans comes the incredible Balkan vodka.
- Triple distilled.
- This superior strength, triple distilled deluxe grain vodka was launched in the UK in 2002. As the strongest proof vodka on our list, it should not be consumed neat, but with a mixer.
- The vodka is hand crafted in small batches and the quality is an achievement at this strength.
- Great old school packaging that carries 13 health warnings!
- Good to charge cocktails, but can be mixed with fruit juices and tonic water with good results.
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Vodka Balkan 176º

5 /5

Une vodka très forte que je vous conseille de ne pas consommer pure !Elle est cependant très bonne en cocktail, une des meilleures selon moi, bien que je ne sois pas experte.Arômes doux et acides à la fois, ça pique agréablement en bouche.
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Typique des balkans