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Absolut Vodka 1.5L


£21.63 (Approximate price)

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From Sweden to New York in one sip! Absolut Vodka 1.5L was born in 1879 in Åhus, Sweden, from the mind of Lars Olsson Smith. Smith decided to take the winter wheat typical of his hometown and water from a deep well, also in his city, and to make the purest vodka in the world, distilled hundreds of times thanks to a system of continuous distillation.

One hundred years later, in 1979, the recipe for this Absolut Rent Brännvin - absolutely pure vodka - was patented under the name we all know today, Absolut Vodka 1.5L .

Absolut Vodka 1.5L has a unique taste: Rich, full-bodied and complex, yet smooth and mellow with a distinct character of grain, followed by a hint of dried fruit.

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Technical sheet

Category:Vodka (Spirits)
Producer: The Absolut Company
Volume: 150cl Other volumes
Alcohol Vol.: 40%
Country: Sweden
Type Of Vodka: Neutral

Elaboration of Absolut Vodka 1.5L

Absolut Vodka 1.5L


  • Colour: Absolut Vodka 1.5L is transparent and still.
  • Aroma: Clean, crisp, and natural spirit, with just a hint of grain.
  • Taste: Smooth, full-bodied, and somehow both simple and complex due to its careful crafting and purity. Beautiful spring water and good grain with a note of dried fruit.

PRODUCER: The Absolut Company

Absolut is a proud member of the Pernod Ricard enterprise, and is proud to be doing its part to make the world a better place. Its production philosophy, called One Source, leads to every aspect of its production being carried out locally, around its small village of Åhus, Sweden. This not only reduces environmental impacts, but means that Absolut products consistently have the same character and high quality, no matter where you are enjoying them, all over the globe.


PRODUCTION DETAILS: Did you know that 60% of vodka is water, magically transformed into something far less boring? This of course makes the quality of water used to make a vodka something essential, which explains the popularity of Absolut Vodka 1.5L . The water in this spirit is drawn from wells of over 140 meters deep, that water having been filtered for thousands of years through Swedish bedrock. Natural filtration equals purity equals less processing equals the clean, natural mouthfeel unique to Absolut Vodka 1.5L . That is why you'll want this even bigger bottle of it.


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The Producer

The Absolut Company

The Absolut Company

The Absolut Company was founded in Åhus, a small town with less than 10,000 inhabitants in southern Sweden. It is one of the most famous and best-selling vodka brands in the world and is now part of the portfolio of the French group Pernod Ricard. It is also the third largest alcoholic beverage brand in the world.

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Commander le jeudi soir, arrivé le vendredi de la semaine d'après. Délais respecter et prix correct. Je recommande sans problèmes !
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