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Italy is one of the best-known wine regions in the world. There are different areas where wines are produced, such as those from Campania and specifically the Vesuvius wines.

In this area, located near Naples, Mount Vesuvius is surrounded by vine plantations, and wine tourism is growing exponentially in the region. One of the best known wines of Vesuvius is the Tear of Christ, whose name comes from the legend in which Satan wept before the fall of Lucifer.

Its production area covers 15 zones within the province of Naples, where the soil of sand and volcanic lava, in addition to the vine, is the dominant feature of the landscape. Many wines from Vesuvius are covered by the Controlled Origin Denomination (D.O.C.).

Tear of Christ, the most popular wine in this area, is made in the cellar Cantina del Vesuvio, which lies at the foot of the volcano, bordering the National Park of Vesuvius. It's about 12 hectares to visit, because you can take a tour of its facilities, and try this wine.

The Tear of Christ is characterized by being white and dry, and it has an alcohol content of 13%. It is known in Italy since the Middle Ages. Originally, the wine was made by the Lachrima Christi's Monastery, but today it is produced by other wineries.

The wine of Campania

Campania has one of the oldest histories of viticulture in Italy. In this region, a great variety of strains and particular microclimates abound. For instance, there are the wines of Falanghina, Greco di Tufo and the aristocratic Fiano, while in red wines, the Aglianico is remarkable. In the Campania region the wine production is about 3 million hectolitres per year, but only 2% can be classified and protected under the DOC.

There are affordable Campanian wines but they are usually quite expensive. We can mention the Costa D'Amalfi Furore Bianco, straw yellow, and on the nose it has unmistakable Mediterranean aromas of delicate fruits. In the mouth it provides a good level of acidity and freshness. The Feudi di San Gregorio Taurasi 2008 features a deep ruby ​​red colour and a bouquet of cherries.

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