Vermut El Bandarra 1L


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Casa Berger was founded in 1878 and has been in constant production since that date. It counts itself among the oldest vineyards in Spain and has decades of experience crafting exquisite vermouths. From the vineyards of Casa Berger comes their best blend: Vermut El Bandarra. The name El Bandarra means "the rogue". Its special blend is the result of constant refinement over time. After only being sold in local wine shops for years, the decision was made to bottle and sell this vermouth to a wider public.

This classic vermouth takes the drink back to the 1950s in Spain when vermouth was in its prime. The beautiful clear glass bottle covered with red, yellow, and blue words in different fonts is a collection of phrases that would have been seen in 1950s Spain, painted on the windows of bars to lure passersby in. That same trick works here as the bottle is eye-catching enough to draw consumers in for a tipple!

50% Macabeo and 50% Xarel·lo grapes are macerated along with 50 different herbs, flowers, botanicals, and spices before being aged in oak barrels. This smooth vermouth is perfect to enjoy on a hot summer day, surrounded by friends. Serve it with ice, garnished with a slice of orange, a few olives, or both.

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Technical sheet

Category:Vermouth (Spirits)
Producer: Martí Serdà
Volume: 100cl
Grapes: Macabeo, Xarel·lo
Alcohol Vol.: 15%
Country: Spain

Description of Vermut El Bandarra 1L

Vermut El Bandarra 1L (Macabeo and Xarel·lo)


  • Colour: Pure mahogany with amber glints in the light
  • Aroma: A deep and brooding aroma with notes of primarily black liquorice and citrus supporting subtle overtones of winter spices.
  • Taste: A smooth and relatively light-bodied mouthfeel with a harmonious flavour. Sweet notes of lemongrass and grapefruit balanced with bitter and savoury flavours of warming spices, anise, and verdant herbs.

PRODUCER: Martí Serdà. Casa Berger began in 1878 has a long history of producing a variety of wines and spirits in Catalonia using traditional methods. Vermut El Bandarra 1L represents a nostalgic time in Spain, the 1950s, when vermouth was at its peak. The retro design of the glass bottle reflects this time period.


PRODUCTION DETAILS: Vermut El Bandarra 1L is an artisanal vermouth, carefully curated using the original recipe. The base wine is made from Catalonian Macabeo and Xarel·lo white grapes. The wine is then distilled with the extracts of over 50 herbs, flowers, seeds and natural spices, including cinnamon, vanilla, rosemary, bitter orange, hops, ginger, liquorice, aniseed, chamomile, and bay leaf. After the maceration, the spirit enters a period of ageing and refinement in oak barrels. Vermut El Bandarra 1L is best enjoyed chilled or over ice and paired with Spanish tapas.


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The Producer

Martí Serdà

Martí Serdà

The foundation of the Cavas Martí Serdà was the fruit of a close connection of our ancestors with the cultivation of the vineyard. Generation after generation, we have dedicated our whole life to the elaboration of selected wines and cavas. Translation and modernity, vocation and experience, method and knowledge converge in each bottle.

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Very floral, tastes like elderflower. Good in summer, and for those who like fruity and floral vermouth, but I would have liked more depth of flavor, bitterness and spiciness.
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Vermut El Bandarra 1L

4 /5

molt bo
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4 /5

TASTING NOTES OF Vermut El Bandarra 1L:
- Color: mahogany, orange reflections, very dense and very clean.
- Flavour: aromas of licorice and citrus accents.
- Taste: soft and sweet entry mouth, a good balance of sweetness and bitterness, a post nice taste, light and persistent.


DETAILS OF PROCESSING: soft artisan vermouth bittering feelings, made with Xarel·lo and Macabeo.
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3 /5

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Vermut El Bandarra 1L is a mighty spirit

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