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Everyone knows that there are red wines, white wines, and rosé wines. Now there is a rosé vermouth to cover the territory in between white and red vermouths: Martini Rosato. First introduced to the market in 1980, this is the only item in the whole Martini range to use both red and white wines, which gives the final product its gorgeous and delicate pink colouring. The botanicals included in this vermouth include cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, raspberry, and lemon. All together these create a modern vermouth that it both rich and aromatic.

With the worldwide popularity of rosé wine, it should not be surprising to see a rosé vermouth on the market. But this is not just an attempt to grab the rosé lovers, this vermouth is absolutely perfect for all vermouth lovers. This elegant addition to the vermouth world is delicate and spicy. It pairs wonderfully with acidic foods and will bring extra brightness to lighter dishes.

Martini & Rossi has been crafting world-class vermouths since 1863. Martini Rosso, the red vermouth, came first with Martini Blanco, the white vermouth, much later in 1910. Now we can enjoy the newest personality of vermouth and the best of both worlds thanks to Martini Rosato.

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Technical sheet

Category:Apéritifs and Vermouth (Spirits)
Producer: Martini & Rossi
Volume: 100cl Other volumes
Alcohol Vol.: 14%
Country: Italy
Type Of Vermouth: Rosé

Description of Martini Rosato 1L

Martini Rosato 1L


  • Colour: Martini Rosato 1L has an attractive and delicate summer rose pink hue.
  • Aroma: A subtle mulled wine character, offering warm scents of aniseed, black pepper, cinnamon, clove, herbs, lemon, orange, raspberry, and rose.
  • Taste: Fruity raspberry and citrus flavours are balanced with floral, herbal, and cake spice notes, with a satisfying bitter grapefruit and cedar finish. A perfect blend of sweet, tart, spicy, and bitter elements.

PRODUCER: Martini got its start in 1863, when a clever entrepreneur and a master herbalist set up shop in a small distillery near Turin and brought out what would become a classic, enduring, and global favourite in the vermouth family. The secret lies in the blending, the art of which has been handed down from master to master through six generations and counting.


PRODUCTION DETAILS: While Campari is a spiced liquor, Martini Rosato 1L is a vermouth, a form of fortified wine; in this case, a rosé variant, a divine blend of red and white wines, herbs, and spices. Whether sipped on the rocks with a citrus twist; combined with a dry cava or prosecco for a twist on summer bubbles; or served iced and long with fruit juices such as grapefruit or pomegranate and a sprig of mint, you'll find it marvellously refreshing.


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The Producer

Martini & Rossi

Martini & Rossi

Martini & Rossi is an Italian company that has been providing the world with fine Italian aperitifs, vermouths, and sparkling wines since 1863. Based in Italy, the brand is known for its beautifully produced products which are sure to catch the eye due to their colour and packaging.

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