Dubonnet 75cl


Dubonnet 75cl

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Dubonnet 75cl was created in 1846 by the French chemist Joseph Dubonnet who wanted to create a drink with quinine which would please the French Foreign Legion to fight Malaria. Over the years Dubonnet 75cl became famous as an ingredient for great cocktails which are especially appreciated by the British royal family. Indeed, Queen Elisabeth II is known to enjoy a 2/3 Dubonnet with a 1/3 Ginn with two ice cubes and a lemon slice. A royal drink available to all!

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Technical sheet

Category:Vermouth (Spirits)
Producer: Dubonnet
Volume: 75cl Other volumes
70cl and 1L
Alcohol Vol.: 14.8%
Country: France
Type Of Vermouth: Red

Description of Dubonnet 75cl

Dubonnet 75cl


  • Color: Dubonnet 75cl presents a purplish red.
  • Smell: aromas remind of dried herbs with hints of lemon zest and notes of cardamom and toffee.
  • Taste: herbal and spicy flavours with a rather sweet finish. The herbs include quinine, chamomile, colombo, elder, bitter orange, green tea and cinnamon.

ALCOHOL: 14.8%


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Good quality & enjoyable
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Dubonnet 75cl

4 /5

- Dubonet is a French, wine based apperitif flavoured with spices and hints of quinine.
- Dubonnet is a world-wide leading French brand for its wine-based apperitif.
- Born in Paris in 1846, Dubonnet results from the alliance of wines from the south of France, with spices and plants matured over several years. It's production relies on 150 years of precious savoir-faire!
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5 /5

Dubonnetest the best appetizers
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5 /5

Very good value it's difficult to buy this anywhere else
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