Cinzano Rosso 1L

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Cinzano Rosso 1L

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The Cinzano brothers founded Casa Cinzano in 1757. Their enterprise started out as a confectionary and distillery. In this iconic establishment in Torino, Italy, Carlo Stefano and Giovanni Giacomo used their knowledge of sugar to develop and sell candies, syrups, preserves, and liqueurs. Through attempts to sweeten and flavour wine, the brothers eventually came up with their own recipe for vermouth, the first of which was Cinzano Rosso.

Over time, Casa Cinzano began to focus less on the confectionary side of business and more on its vermouths and sparkling wines. Nowadays, Cinzano has been around for over 240 years. Gruppo Campari is now in charge of the Cinzano brand, bringing life back into a truly historical producer of fine spirits. The red on the iconic Cinzano label signifies pride and passion while the blue represents tradition and the Mediterranean.

Cinzano Rosso is the original vermouth in the Cinzano portfolio. The infusion of a rich collection of herbs and spices results in this beautiful amber-coloured vermouth. The quality and history of this exquisite vermouth cannot be denied. This smooth, sweet, spicy, and complex spirit is perfect to mix into your favourite vermouth-based cocktail. You will not be disappointed.

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Technical sheet

Other Vintages: Other vintages
Category:Vermouth (Spirits)
Producer: Cinzano
Volume: 100cl Other volumes
75cl and 70cl
Alcohol Vol.: 14.4%
Country: Italy
Type Of Vermouth: Red

Description of Cinzano Rosso 1L

Cinzano Rosso 1L


  • Colour: A dark mahogany brown
  • Aroma: An intriguing bouquet of black cherry, vanilla, and ripe grapefruit.
  • Taste: The texture is velvety smooth with a rich taste that is initially sweet. The flavour unfolds into rich layers of bitterness, winter spices, quinine, and herbal botanical flavours that melt into a long and delicate finish. The rich and layered flavour of Cinzano Rosso 1L allows it to be enjoyed on its own or with ice and a splash of soda. However, its balanced aftertaste makes it an excellent addition to classic vermouth-based cocktails, such as martinis or negronis.

PRODUCER: Cinzano. Cinzano began as a small unassuming shop in Torino, Italy in 1757 founded by brothers Carlo Stefano and Giovanni Giacomo Cinzano. The Cinzanos were confectionaries by trade, but their penchant for sweetness led them to experiment with wines and ultimately create their own vermouth. The business quickly gained notoriety, and by 1776, the Cinzanos were delivering their specialities by appointment to the Royal Savoy Court. Today, Cinzano is one of the most well-known brands of vermouth internationally.


PRODUCTION DETAILS: The foundation for Cinzano Rosso 1L comes from grapes grown in Cinzano family vineyards on the hills Pecetto, Torino, Italy. The wine base is then infused with carefully selected herbs and spices to give it a classic taste.


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