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Cinzano Bianco 1L


Cinzano Bianco 1L

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Casa Cinzano is legendary establishment from Torino, Italy that was created by two brothers all the way back in 1757. The Cinzano brothers, Carlo Stefano and Giovanni Giacomo, were confectioners and distillers. They worked with sugar to craft fine candies, preserves, syrups, and liqueurs. Experimenting with wines and way to sweeten and flavour them eventually resulted in the creation of Cinzano's own vermouth. Over time, the brand began to focus less on confections and more on its sparkling wine and vermouths.

Cinzano Blanco is a light yellow vermouth which uses a secret mixture of herbs to result in a delicate fresh vermouth which gives off fruit, vanilla, and cinnamon flavours in the mouth. This delicate product is perfect to enjoy on the rocks. Try it as an aperitif before meals to awaken the digestive system, or afterwards as a cocktail to help the night pass by with the best flavours and company.

Gruppo Campari has taken over the Cinzano brand, hoping to bring this historical brand back to life. After more than 240 years providing the world with its excellent products, Cinzano will simply continue to get better with time. The iconic red and blue of the labels was specially chosen to represent Italy, passion, pride, tradition, and the Mediterranean. Try a bit of history, you know you want to.

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Technical sheet

Category:Apéritifs and Vermouth (Other drinks)
Producer: Cinzano
Volume: 100cl
Alcohol Vol.: 15%
Country: Italy
Type Of Vermouth: White

Description of Cinzano Bianco 1L

Cinzano Bianco 1L


  • Colour: Transparently clear but with a fresh, pale yellow tinge.
  • Aroma: A delicate but full-bodied nose with notes of blossom, cinnamon, marjoram, quince, and thyme.
  • Taste: Sweet and pleasantly oily, with cinnamon, herbal, fruit, and vanilla flavours, and a long and bittersweet finish leaving a subtle citrus aftertaste.

PRODUCER: Gruppo Campari. Cinzano vermouth was first developed in Turin in 1757 by two brothers, who were confectioners and distillers. The first such vermouth, the ‘red', quickly gained in popularity, after which the brothers crafted the ‘white', Cinzano Bianco 1L. Campari began its operations in 1860 with its signature bitter aperitif. Gruppo Campari acquired Cinzano in 1999.


PRODUCTION DETAILS: While lighter and drier than other Cinzano vermouths, Cinzano Bianco 1L is still considered a sweet vermouth. The original Cinzano Rosso recipe included 35 ingredients, the complete detailed recipe being a closely-held secret to this day. Cinzano Bianco 1L is a variation on that recipe, containing among other things artemisia (wormwood), cinnamon, citrus, cloves, and gentian. Representing the lovely union of wine, alcohol, sugar, herbs, and spices, Cinzano Bianco 1L is versatile but always refreshing. Best served chilled, it can be enjoyed as an aperitif; served tall on ice with lemonade or other light mixer; or as a cocktail ingredient.


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Cinzano Blanco est un mariage de plantes soigneusement récoltées dans les Alpes méditerranéennes et sur le continent asiatique, cet apéritif au profil délicat révèle en toute finesse ses parfums d'agrumes et de vanille.
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Cinzano Bianco 1L

5 /5

As expected.
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