Carpano Punt E Mes 75cl


Carpano Punt E Mes 75cl

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According to local legend, the Italian liqueur Punt e Mes was invented on accident in the Carpano liquor shop in 1870. It was lunchtime in this shop in Piazza Castello, Turin, when a stockbroker ordered a vermouth with a half dose of bitters. He did so by using the local expression "Punt e Mes". And so, with that order, the aperitif was born and continues on to date.

This liqueur continued to be made by the Carpano family in Turin until 2001 when it was brought by the Distillerie Fratelli Branca of Milan. Punt e Mes is an Italian vermouth which is golden orange in colour with hints of topaz. Its herby aroma is followed by an initially sweet taste with an intriguing orange accent. This is then taken over by the characteristically bitter taste of the quina before ending on a refreshing sweet note.

The distinctive flavour of Punt e Mes is halfway between a sweet, red vermouth and Campari. This makes it the perfect addition for drinks such as the Americano, Manhattan, Negroni, and Boulevardier. You can substitute Punt e Mes in any cocktail that calls for sweet, red vermouth. It is also delightful alone whether neat, on the rocks, or with a splash of soda water. A twist of orange peel is always a welcome touch.

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Technical sheet

Category:Vermouth (Spirits)
Producer: Carpano
Volume: 75cl Other volumes
1L and 70cl
Alcohol Vol.: 16%
Country: Italy

Description of Carpano Punt E Mes 75cl

Carpano Punt E Mes 75cl


  • Color: Carpano Punt E Mes 75cl has an orange color with topaz hues.
  • Olor: Characteristic wine and Asian spices.
  • Taste: Sweet but bitter notes, bark characteristics of orange.



PRODUCTION DETAILS: It is made from a combination of dry white wines, reinforced with alcohol and sweetened with sugar, to which a mixture of more than 15 herbs is added, all this gives it a unique flavor of its kind.

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He, the least sweet of the world, ideal for diabetics like me
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Carpano Punt E Mes 75cl

5 /5

I already knew him and only found him in a bar in Villagacia de Arousa, 34 km. where I live, and found in the warehouse or any sopermercado you have it, or cut English or Erosky, neither day nor Mercadona, nor lidelt or Gadis.
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4 /5

- Cited as a benchmark and classic version of vermouth by the Oxford Companion to Wine, Punt e Mes (Poont eh Mehss) is one of the world's most popular red vermouths.
- Not overly cloying like the many commercial vermouths, it can be served straight up, used to make red Martinis, mixed with gin to make classic Italian cocktails like Negronis and Americanos, and it is also excellent when served with fruit juices, sparkling mineral or tonic water.
- With an aroma of wormwood and hints of bitter herbs, Punt e Mes is a vermouth in its finest form.
- Its name ("point and a half") in the dialect of Turin, came from the day when an absent-minded stock exchange agent called out the trading floor term in old man Antonio Carpano's bar, asking for a vermouth with a half-dose of bitters. The concoction that evolved as Carpano Punt e Mes, is coffee-coloured, and based on white wine aromatised with a secret recipe of dozens of herbs and spices.
- Served over the rocks with a splash of soda, it is exotic in a surprising way: first a taste of cola-like sweetness, then sharply bitter at the back of the tongue, with a complex web of tastes in between.
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4.5 /5

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Punt E Mes 75cl

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