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Aperol 1L

Campari Group (Vermouth)

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Aperol 1L is more than an aperitif, it is a way of life, a piece of the happiness of Italy that promotes your cocktails, your evenings, your evenings with friends, your parties. Since 1919, when the drink became popular among young Italians, this famous Italian drink has been gaining ground with the palates of half the world, becoming a symbol of the cosmopolite and the distinguished.

The Aperol 1L Spritz, a mixture of Aperol 1L , cava or champagne and soda, has become a cocktail of reference, capable of enamouring the most demanding palates.

The 1-litre bottle is ideal for preparing meals in large quantities.

Technical sheet · Aperol

Category:Vermouth (Spirits)
Producer: Campari Group
Volume: 100cl Other volumes
Alcohol Vol.: 11%
Country: Italy

Description · Campari Group

Aperol 1L


  • Color: Aperol 1L has an intense ruby red and bright.
  • Odour: emphasize its herbal and floral aromas combined with notes of citrus.
  • Taste: light and refreshing flavor: combined in Aperol Spritz is ideal for those who prefer less bitter than beer options.



CONSUMER DETAILS: One of the classic methods of consumption is the Aperol Spritz, a drink most consumed among young people across Europe appetizer:

  • 2 Parts of Aperol
  • 3 Parts of champagne / sparkling wine
  • 1 Hit soda
  • 1 slice orange
  • Ice cubes


  • Full width glass with ice cubes.
  • Add champagne or sparkling wine.
  • Add Aperol.
  • Fill with soda.
  • Removes slowly.
  • Serve with an orange slice.

ALCOHOL: 11% Vol

Campari Group

The Campari Group , founded in 1860, is now a major part of the spirits industry worldwide. The group has a portfolio which includes more than 50 premium and super premium brands which are offered locally, regionally, and globally across 190 countries. Today, the Campari Group is the...

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Highlighted review about Aperol 1L

Elisabeth Banyols

Posted on at 14.26


Aperol 1L

Aperol. . . For me the Aperol Spritz and the famous cocktail is made using the aperol are synonymous with holidays. . . A moment of leaving everything behind. Wines, tasting all the vocabulary and people ask you about the wines. A bubble in the year. 2 weeks a year, only drink fresh simple pink and Spritz. Best for 2 weeks. Fresh, slightly bitter. . . The most! how good it is to enjoy something like a vacation. I associate this cocktail, people, moments I want and this makes this product a special product. If you still have not tried the Spritz, not a minute to lose you it is not. . .

More reviews about Aperol 1L

Maria Lucia Galvez

Posted on at 17.36

5 /5

I scheduled time delivery and well packaged. Satisfied, would buy

Posted on at 06.49

4.5 /5

Aperol spritz very good as an appetizer for a hot day
Boulard Michel

Posted on at 07.27

4 /5

Although Aperol is the bitterness of vermouth is a little too sweet for my personal taste. It must be added at least 50% of carbonated water to make a drink "SPRITZ" nice app.
My formula: 35cl Prosecco Aperol + + 20cl 20cl carbonated water
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