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Campari Group delivers the Aperol (£12.25), a vermouth with origins in Italy with 11% of alcohol. Drinks&Co users give this Aperol 4,3 of 5 points.
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Aperol is more than a drink, it's a way of life, a piece of happiness from Italy that stimulates your cocktails, evenings, afternoons with friends, and your parties. Since its creation in 1919, this Italian vermouth started gaining popularity among young people in Italy. Today, it's one of the most popular summer cocktails not only amongst young Italians, but it's appreciated by all ages all around the world. The recipe hasn't changed and is maintained top secret. Campari Group only reveals a small insight into which ingredients they use. That includes sweet and bitter oranges, selected herbs and roots. Drink it on ice with a soft sparkling wine and soda and taste summer in your glass!

Technical sheet · Aperol

Category:Vermouth (Spirits)
Producer: Campari Group
Volume: 70cl Other volumes
Alcohol Vol.: 11%
Country: Italy

Description · Campari Group



  • Colour: Aperol has the distinctive vibrant orange hue for which it is famous.
  • Aroma: The primary and enervating scent of orange zest is complemented by herbal and vanilla notes.
  • Taste: A velvety mouthfeel balances the bittersweet and zestful top note of orange and complex herbal and woody undertones. A long, pleasant aftertaste that is ever-so-slightly salty and bitter.

PRODUCER: Campari Group, an important member of the global branded beverage industry, with a portfolio of more than fifty premium and super premium brands marketed and distributed to most countries in the world. It was founded in 1860, and is based in Sesto San Giovanni.


PRODUCTION DETAILS: The recipe for the creation of Aperol has not changed since it was first introduced for the world's enjoyment at the Padova International Fair in 1919. The recipe has also, remarkably, remained a secret for over a hundred years and counting. It is known to contain cinchona, gentian, and rhubarb. Aperol is lighter, less bitter, and lower in alcohol content than its family member Campari. Aperol is of course best known for its use in the delightful aperitif, the Spritz, a holiday in a glass. One mouthful and you find yourself, in your mind at least, outside a small cafe in Bologna or Venice, enjoying complimentary nuts and olives and watching the world go by.


Campari Group

The Campari Group , founded in 1860, is now a major part of the spirits industry worldwide. The group has a portfolio which includes more than 50 premium and super premium brands which are offered locally, regionally, and globally across 190 countries. Today, the Campari Group is the...

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Highlighted review about Aperol

Posted on at 08.42



It took 7 years of experimentation to get the unique taste of Aperol, a perfect combination of oranges, roots and plants.
We find in the composition of the liquor 16 herbs from the majority of the Piedmontese soil.

Cocktail Idea:
Aperol Spritz
See our video recipe HERE!
2-3 ice
6 cL of prosecco
4 cl Aperol
2 cL sparkling water
Orange slice
Start by putting ice in the glass, then pour the Prosecco and Aperol. Add a dash of sparkling water and a slice of orange.

More reviews about Aperol

Posted on at 11.23

5 /5


Posted on at 09.15

5 /5

Aperol 11º

Great for summer

Posted on at 05.32

3.5 /5

The Aperol Aperitif impresses me more and more

Posted on at 09.45

4 /5

- Colour: Aperol 11º shows a reddish orange
- Odour: Aromatic bitter orange with a series of aromatic notes, earthy and bitter herbs that are wrapped around the orange. Sweet, sour, bitter,
- Taste: Slightly bitter and sweet orange cushioned, complete with rhubarb and gentian.
PREPARATION: thanks to the infusion of a mixture of high quality herbs and roots are obtained. The original recipe has remained unchanged and is a closely guarded secret.

Posted on at 05.44

3 /5


Posted on at 12.41

4 /5

Aperol Apertif

With its mellow orange colour, citrus nose and refreshing unique taste, Aperol can be drunk by everyone. Enjoy Aperol in its signature form, the Aperol Spritz which uses 2 parts Aperol, 3 Part Prosecco, top with soda water & serve over ice.

Posted on at 11.31

4 /5

- Aperol is one of the most popular Italian aperitif
- 1919 he first came on the market
- Aperol is prepared from rhubarb, cinchona bark, aromatic herbs, gentian, bitter oranges, and alcohol
- It goes down easy, with soda, in a cocktail or on the rocks
- Allergens: contains sulfites

Posted on at 10.59

4 /5

Aperol is a drink with a lot of history, born in 1919 in the International Fair of Padua, created by the Barbieri brothers. It is a low-grade alcohol with a light and refreshing characteristic flavor, which comes from the original recipe, which has remained unchanged secret until today, combining the infusion of various herbs and roots of high quality. Tasting notes of AperolAperol is a bright orange color, has aromas aromas field, sour and sweet fruit.

Posted on at 12.55

4 /5


Discover Liqueur Aperol, a liqueur produced in Italy.

Posted on at 05.21

4 /5

Italian aperitif, low alcohol (11%), red (not as intense as Campari, but that wave), and bringing in its composition a mixture of roots and herbs, good level of bitter and intense aroma Tangerine
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