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Trentino is the northernmost region of Italy. Only approx. 5% of agricultural land lies below 500 meters above sea level and only 15% of the stony and rocky land is really suitable for crops.

The region is divided into two areas: Trentino south barely touches the northern tip of Lake Garda with Trento as the capital of the region and area. Alto Adige, which is named after the Adige river (which means "above the Adige"), north of Bolzano, the capital is also called South Tyrol. Wine production dates from about 2700 BC

Although Trentino produces excellent white wines such as Chardonnay, Trentino is famous for its red wines, Sauvignon and Pinot Grigio. However, whites have won a lot of ground in the past and can compete with the finest white wines in Europe.The fresh Alps offers good opportunities to cultivate a fine red wine, and for some time, manufacturers have placed more emphasis on wines individual plots, and the results are very promising.

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