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Pintia 2006 is an elegant wine within the austerity that the region gives it, that is to say, fine tannins wrapped with aromas of fresh fruit and an escape from over ripening and liqueur aromas. This is the philosophy that defines Pintia.

The Peñín Guide has given it a grade of 93/100.

When it comes to pairing with food, Pintia 2006 behaves like a modern wine adapted to international tastes. Its quality does not understand borders while fully expressing the characteristics of the Tempranillo Tinta de Toro grape. The possibilities of pairing this wine are substantial. However, due to its concentration and its magnificent structure, it combines very well with sirloin steaks and other grilled beef, with lechazo, stews of vegetables, stews such as Asturian fabada, zancarrón and cocido montañeses, castellanos or madrileños.

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Technical sheet

Type Of Wine: red wine
Vintage: 2006 Other vintages
Appellation:Toro (Castilla y León, Spain)
Winery: Bodegas y viñedos Pintia
Volume: 75cl Other volumes
Grapes: Tinta de Toro (100%), Tempranillo
Allergens: Contains Sulfites
Alcohol Vol.: 15%

Description of Pintia 2006

Pintia 2006 (Tinta de Toro and Tempranillo)


  • View: maroon cherry with violet tones.
  • Nose: consistent and powerful wild fruit.
  • Palate: The palate is generous, with no gaps, very vibrant. Complex fruit flavours complement this great wine.

METHOD: The grapes pass cold chamber where they were 12 hours to descend the temperature of 25 ° C at 5 ° C. Once the grapes cold is selected table and passes lumberyard fermentation where cold soaked 4 to 6 days at 7 º C, after that time is given fermentation end at 28 ° C with frequent pumping over, malolactic new barrel, minimum aging in barrel 12 months and can last up to 15 months, 70% French oak barrels and 30% American.


STAY IN BARRELS: Minimum aging in French oak and American 12 to 15 months.

GRAPES: 100% Tinta de Toro.

MATCHING WINE: Combines well with steaks and other meats grilled beef.

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How to serve

The Winery

Bodegas y viñedos Pintia

Bodegas y viñedos Pintia

In 1995 and 1996 we started to think of a new winery and in the locations in Spain where it could be set up. Castilla y León has a large river, the Duero, which is where our two existing wineries, Vega Sicilia and Alion are located, and it flows into another great wine-producing region, Oporto. The region of Toro is not far from us 100 km away along the same river. It has been a famous wine-producing region for centuries and has enjoyed great prestige during important eras of its life.

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Peñín Guide 2010 Review
 - Tasting notes: Colour: cherry. Aroma elegant, balanced,
sweet spices, ripe fruit. Palate
fleshy, spicy, long, ripe tannins.
 - Points: 93
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Pintia 2006

0 /5

Aging: 13 months in American oak barrels and nevers
Alcohol content: 15%
Preparation: 100% malolactic in barrel. Aging in new Nevers 70% and 30% American oak barrels for 13 months.
Tasting notes: Visual: Cherry color with purple hues.

Nose: Continuing the saga of the Pintia monolithic and powerful wine, aromas of wild fruit like blackcurrant or blueberry. The wood is present but not predominant.

Palate: The attack is opulent but without wildness, has no gaps palate ending with a mouth so vibrant. Throughout the tour compote aromas, cassis, cranberries, blue flower. . . They are present to complex mouth.
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0 /5

La Bodega

In 1995, Vega Sicilia 1996 the group began to think of a new winery and places of Spain where they could create. Castilla y Leon has a great river, the Duero, a meeting of our two existing warehouses, and Alion Vega Sicilia and ending in another great wine region, port. Not far away, at 100 km and over the river Douro, this Toro, famous wine producing region for centuries and with great prestige in large periods of his life.

In the years 1997, 1998, 1999 and 2000 bought all the old vines between 25 and 50 years and the rest to complete the 106 hectares of vineyards at this time is in operation and sufficient to in about 5 years more to achieve self-sufficiency.

During those four years of preparation did experiments to try and see what was the potential of the wines of bull. And they saw that it was a style of wine where the most important thing was to preserve the fruit of the grape, so that the whole process of making and aging wine is focused on preserving the fruit while trying to get the most elegant possible an austere region as a bull.

With the completion of the work in Bodegas Pintia it is constituted the fourth masterpiece undertaken by the Álvarez family. Leading wineries in their sector, designed to make the best possible wine, designed with functionality where cleanliness is the first maximum to respect.

The most modern facilities, the best materials with a. . .
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Pintia Cosecha

4 /5

Vanilla aromas. A very light red.
a wine with personality.
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Vega Sicilia Pintia 2006

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Pintia: a bet always safe
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Jesus Martinez


It is a great wine.
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Elisabet Ortega Robles